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3 Must Haves For Every Home

December 15, 2015
3 Must Haves For Every Home

When furnishing a home, there are a few essential elements that will truly help to turn your place of dwelling from a house into a home. That's why we, with the help of our friend Ali at Elegant Interiors, successful suppliers of furniture for television shows such as The Voice, nightclubs and five star hotels the likes of Sheridan and Armani Hotel Dubai. Ali has created a list of three essential products, which he believes every home should have.

As the name would suggest, Elegant Interiors are the purveyors of finely made quality furnishings. One of the world’s biggest suppliers of furniture and rugs in Australia, China, Canada, USA, Italy and Dubai. Elegant Interiors is a business that prides itself on operating principles of integrity, excellence and craftsmanship. The family owned and operated company is passionately dedicated to dealing in authentic Italian leather and classic custom timber furniture in store and online.

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"My family has been in the furniture business for years, ever since my grandfather first moved here in 1965. We began as carpet wholesaler, supplying Persian carpet rugs to big departments like Myer," Ali tells us.

"After I graduated as an Interior Designer, the company shifted focus to supplying custom made timber furniture as well as rugs; because our family have been in business for years after this development we soon began expanding as an importer of fine italian leather products as well as a manufactoring and supplying our own brands to stores across the globe, including in Australia," Ali explains.

Elegant Interiors proudly promotes its company principles, which has led it to become one of the world’s leading dealers in office and home furniture. What intrigues us about Elegant Interiors, is not only its beautiful and authentic Italian leather and classic timber products but also its exotic and distinguished history as a supplier for homes and industries.

Ali and Elegant Interiors 3 Essential Furniture Items Every Home Needs:

1) How to Choose a Good Couch or Sofa:

A number one essential in our eyes, somewhere you and your guests can relax in comfort and style.

2) How to Buy a Beautiful Rug:

A rug can make or break a rooms style. It's an essential for those who wish to add a sophisticated finished look to their rooms.

3) Buying The Perfect Dining Table

Somewhere to have nightly dinners and host dinner parties.

The stylists at Elegant Interiors suggests these basic are the necessities that every individual and unique home should have.

Why A Good Sofa Is Crucial

rsz stunning sofas for your home fotor

For Ali, a sofa or lounge suit is not just somewhere you throw yourself on at the end of the day and binge on television. For him, a sofa also provides various other life moments with a point of relief and comfort. The couch can act and assist a family in many other ways; providing you with a place of refuge when you are ill and can't work, it is also a place for you to comfort and bond your partner, children and loved ones. It can also provide your house guests with a place of rest and storage if all other beds are occupied within the house. Ali insists that at Elegant Interiors they realise that these life moments happen all the time which is why, for them, it is essential to chose the right kind of sofa that is perfect for all these occasions and one that is made of supple quality leather and strong solid timbers.

"A beautiful leather couch will resist stains and are easier to clean which makes them perfect for clumsy house guests and playful children. It's important not to be hasty when choosing a sofa, a great quality sofa is something that should be an investment and last a lifetime," Ali explains.

"The Armando Sofa combines all of these elements, essentially it is a chaise lounge however it contains a unique concept design. It acts not just as a lounge suit but can also transform into a sofa bed with the added extra ottoman acting as a storage location." Ali tell us.

In Ali's mind it is the perfect solution for inner urban living, where space can sometimes be limited. You can now have your guest sleep comfortably and in style rather than on a regular sofa and the unique storage design allows you to store linen, blankets and extra pillows conveniently, and also acts as location for your guests to store their belongings out of foot traffic.

"We designed it first for the Italian market as city dwelling is often restrictive in space. It was so well received in Europe that we supply Armando to American and Australian markets. All of the sofas and lounge suits from Elegant Interiors are made with strong solid timbers or plywood, they guarantee longevity and comfort," Ali explains.

How A Rug Can Transform A Room

"A rug may look unassuming, however a room without a rug often looks unfinished and sometimes uninviting," Ali insist.

In today's world where you can find a rug for every style and colour palette it's foolish not to invest one. Rugs essentially, without you realising, creates a sense of welcoming for guests to your space and your style. A stylish rug is functional as well as beautiful, if you live in an apartment or have timber floor boards are rug is perfect for buffering noise and preventing family and guests from scratching your floors.

Investing In A Dining Table

Ali insists that arguably the most crucial piece of furniture a home needs is the dining table. He believes that the dining table is a piece of furniture that needs considerable attention before purchasing.

"The dining table is a informal and formal meeting place for you and your family as well as guests. A dining table plays an extensive role as a place for eating, gathering and conversation, it will also act as an impromptu desk for work or school, a craft table or even as extra bench space. Whether you live in an open plan apartment or a home with a formal dining room a dining table is an exceptional piece, one which must be strong, allow for multiple seating arrangements and suit the style of your home," Ali says.

Considered an investment piece that will last generations, a dining table should be made of sturdy quality hardwood timbers such as a black wood or Australia Jarra dining table from Elegant Interiors. .

"It must also be flexible in its number of seats. A large solid timber table is perfect for creating a statement in your dining area, and with the right rug, it can define the space in an elegant a sophisticated way," Ali informs us.

"Our business tries to create a decent quality piece of furniture for an affordable price. As our name suggests, design is very important to us and we strive to create elegant pieces which every family can afford to own," Ali explains. "At Elegant Interiors we take the time to understand what it is each of our customers want. Then we take the challenge to make to their specification because we are professionals. We apply this professionalism to all aspects of our business, and it has brought as much success. For us, it's about providing everything a customer could want in one place in an affordable way".

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Whether you are starting from scratch, remodeling or restyling your home missing one or a combination of these essential pieces can throw out a whole look. Investing in the right products made from good quality natural materials is a must for any home owner. Passionate about design and craftsmanship, Elegant Interiors aims to cater to all needs with products made with comfort and style in mind, with a focus on quality and excellence. If you're looking for an investment piece or a rug to bring your room together, Ali and his friendly experienced staff at Elegant Interiors will take the stress away of purchasing that forever investment piece.

House of Home would like to thank Ali from Elegant Interiors, for speaking with us about his family owned business

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