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Spring Decorating Trends - Electro Botanical 

September 21, 2017
Spring Decorating Trends - Electro Botanical

At last! It’s that wonderful time of the year when the sun is shining more brightly, the chirping of birds sounds more sprightly, flowers are beginning to blossom beautifully and everyone starts to feel like they have more spring in their step.

It’s that lovely change of seasons that turns our mother earth in a wonderland of colour and brings us a joie de vivre like no other. Yes, it’s Spring time!

Key Trends for Spring

Move over monochrome, this Spring interiors are leaping forth into an abundance of colour.

Just as our seasons are cyclical so our interior trends. This tends to happen because as our mood changes so does the way we live; in Winter we want to be warm and cosy with soft mood lighting and snuggly textiles, however in Spring and summer we are ready for the change and want to add life and vibrancy to our homes and freshen things up.

Fortunately, this year, vibrancy is exactly what we are going to get! Get ready to be excited; ‘Electro Botanical’ is the new trend bursting onto the scene and into our homes this Spring and Summer.


Electro Botanical Style

Following in the footsteps of fashion, furnishings and décor are going to be beautiful but daring! This style will transport you to an eco-wonderland of courageous colours, enchanting textures and expressive patterns.

Replacing the dark, moody hues of winter and the minimalist, muted tones of previous seasons, this new palette unites colour with more colour. Expect to see a powerful palette that is rich, warm and brimming with botanical motifs and organic forms such as bountiful blooms and fabulous foliage.

Spring Decorating

By the time Winter has officially ended most of us feel well and truly ready for a Spring time refresh. As much as we might like to update our living spaces each and every season, the practicality of doing so isn’t always the most attainable due to budget or time constraints.

The good news is there are many quick and easy ways to introduce new season colour trends to the home without having to break the bank or devote too much time to changing things over. Below are a few suggestions around what furniture and décor items are the most easy to swap out and re-introduce with something new.

Spring Furniture & Décor

If you’re just looking to add touches of that spring time feeling, décor is your first point of call. Changing over your artworks, rug and accessories can add a whole new lease of life to a room. You can change up the theme completely just by swapping out colours, textures and prints.

A fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to create a new look that will brighten and change the mood of room. However, another fantastic alternative to paint is wall paper, and if you are looking for a fully flexible solution, a removable wall mural is the answer.


Removable Wall Paper

One of our favourite products on the market is a removable wall paper product by a company called Pickawall. These murals can be printed to any size or design and can be easily installed and removed without leaving any signs of glue. They have a huge array of designs to choose from, or you can select your own from stock sites Alamy or Getty images, or you can have a custom design created.

Our stunning Pickawall wall mural was designed by graphic designer and illustrator Julia Chapman.

Fabrics & Cushions

With their tactile nature and vast array of designs and patterns, fabrics and cushions are perfect for spicing up your home without too much expense or commitment. This year fabrics are bright, colourful and bountiful with blooms or exotic botanical motifs. These designs bring fun and a sense wonder and whimsy to a room.

If you are looking to add punches of colour and pattern to a room, cushions and throws allow you to do so in a subtle way. However, when teamed with gorgeous wallpaper and an eye-catching rug, cushions will balance these elements and create an overall aesthetic that is striking.

Try to keep these elements in a similar overriding colour palette so that they do not clash and a visual flow can be achieved.



Décor and accessories are great for introducing colour, texture and varying finishes. They also add depth and dimension to a space. They really are the icing on the cake as they help to create interest while allowing you to showcase your personal taste and style.

Décor objects can be quirky and unexpected, or just something that you love or that have a sentimental attachment to. Accessories are a must for every interior as they help to make the space feel complete.

Décor & Finishes

This spring is all about the brass. It’s definitely the favoured metallic finish for décor, furniture and lighting this year. Brightly coloured resin products are filtering through along with coloured glass and terrazzo. Books about flowers, plants and gardening make perfect coffee table literature.

Botanicals & Blooms

Botanicals and blooms are another must for any home as they breathe life into an interior. However, faux flowers and plants are making a huge comeback as they now look so life-like and require zero maintenance. They are perfect for bookcases or hard to reach places where you want to add colour but not have to worry about watering or how much sunlight the plant gets.

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Tips for Choosing Artwork

Art is so subjective so it’s important to choose pieces that speak to you, there are no definitive right or wrongs to choosing the composition. Just be mindful of how the piece will sit within the interior against the existing colour palette and other items of furniture.

Artwork doesn’t have to match everything in your home but it should sit harmoniously within the space. Important factors to consider are the size, scale, proportion and height that it is hung so that it looks balanced with the rest of the space.

The key artwork trends filtering through are:

  • Oversized blooms
  • Wildflower motifs
  • Native birds
  • Plant life
  • Leaves or leaf prints pressed in glass are another beautiful way to bring nature into the home without the maintenance.

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A less commonly used way to introduce art to your home is by way of a beautifully designed and made rug. People don’t always think of this option, but if you would prefer to keep your walls minimal, the right rug will make a big statement and create a stunning focal point.


Spring Furniture

Small Furniture Pieces

If you’re still cautious of colour, say it with an accent piece! Occasional chairs, ottomans and foot stools can add that much needed touch of colour without having to go all the way.

Furniture Finishes for Spring

Velvets, brass and glass and the key trends of this season. Velvet's provide deeper, richer colours while brass add warmth and glass helps to reflect light and keep things visually light. It’s a great material to use as it offers relief when used with the bolder colours and expressive patterns of the Electro Botanical trend.

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Now you have all the tips and tricks you need for introducing this blooming beautiful new trend to your home. If you loved our vignettes and would like to 'Get the Look' for you home, all of the products can be found below.

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The team at House of Home would like to thank Lorimer Gallery for the providing their stunning gallery space for our shoot. We would also like to thank the following companies whose beautiful products feature in our photo shoot.


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Image Credits: Photography by Jonathan Ho, Styling by Sarah Radhanauth, Julia Chapman & Carlinea Williamson, Furniture & Decor selections by Sarah Radhanauth.