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Why You Need To Invest In A Dux Bed

December 11, 2015
Why You Need To Invest In A Dux Bed

Duxiana, is not just the Sydney based Dux brand bed retailer. The Dux bed brand has been synonymous with authentic quality products since the mid 1920’s. Their ambition and goal as a family owned company for many years has been to build, design and manufacture the world’s best sleep experience. The company has poured years of research into advancing bed technology and blending this with traditional Swedish craftsmanship. Duxiana exclusively sells the Dux Bed brand and insists that there product is far superior to the average bed.

rsz dux bed 7 fotor

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with the Manager of Duxiana Australia Cecilia Jonasson, who explained to us the importance of investing and buying a quality well-made bed. What makes a Great Bed?

At Duxiana a great bed means a few different things, all of which has come from a long legacy of craftsmanship, testing and carefully researched materials. Once you slip into bed, your troubles should melt away as if you had fallen asleep on a cloud. The Dux Bed developers and researchers under the ideology of Efraim Ljung, worked for many years to refine a spring system made from quality steel to maximise pressure relief during sleep. Dux beds consist of thousands of interconnected coils that are evenly distributed across the bed to disburse the weight of a sleeper’s body across the spring system. It is this innovative spring system that allows one’s body to fully recover during rest. It is only through complete and undisturbed sleep that a body can return to fully restore mental and intellectual competency.

“We spend a third of our lives in bed, and many of us would benefit from the type of technology invested in a Dux Bed.” Cecilia explains.

The Difference Between a Normal Bed and a Dux Bed?

The Dux bed contains nearly three times the amount of springs a normal bed contains. These dense springs are layered into two sections to provide deep suspension and absorb body weight evenly, which are designed to maximise a sleeper’s comfort.

rsz sleeping posture2

The last image in this series shows what your sleep poster should be like with a Dux bed

The Dux bed can be customised to a person’s sleeping preference. The beds are made with the revolutionary Pascal System, named after the Mathematician and Physicist, Blaise Pascal. The Pascal system consists of removable spring cassettes, designed to target the body’s three comfort zones: shoulders, hips and legs, these being areas that pressure a sleeper during rest. Cecilia informs us that each zone can be fitted with soft, medium or firm cassettes .This allows the bed to be tailored to suit individual circumstances for example pregnancy or back pain. The Pascal System adapts to the changes of our bodies.

Why You Need To Be Buying A Quality Designed Bed:

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Every aspect of the Dux bed reflects the core values of quality, innovation and design. The company also includes eco-conscious selecting, when it comes to choosing durable luxurious natural materials in each of their beds. The natural fibres allow a sleepers body to breath and allow the body to recover completely each night, whilst the strong material such as steel and pine provide support.

Most people rarely reach the restorative level during sleep. This can be attributed to a number of issues. However there is generally one area that is often overlooked and that is the bed itself is the problem. Cecilia explained to us that if investing in your health is important to you, then investing in a good bed should be as well.

“Without restorative sleep the body is unable to perform in its fullest capacity, and a great quality bed can mean the difference between waking up sore with back or neck pain and waking refreshed.” Cecilia tells us.

The Dux Bed Brand Explained:

Dux bed design

Swedish chocolate maker Efraim Ljung turned away from creating sweet delicacies when on a business trip to America in 1924. After spending a restorative night’s sleep in an underrated hotel in Chicago city, Efraim became flustered by the idea of returning to an uncomfortable bed in his home town. Efraim Ljung, then set himself on a journey of discovery and innovation in the name of restorative sleep. Upon returning home, the chocolate maker turned away from his trade and towards the ambitious goal of recreating the best sleep experience at home. From this was born the Dux bed brand, starting first with beds and then expanding to incorporate sofas, chairs and even designer Hotels of the same name.

"Buying a bed is easy at Duxiana, our friendly staff is available to assist you through the whole process so there’s no stress involved.” Cecilia explains.

Investing in a Dux bed may make the difference between a life of soreness and a life of quality comfort.

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House of Home would like to thank Cecilia Jonasson Manager of Duxiana Australia, for explaining the benefits of a great night’s sleep.