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Dulux Colour Forecast 2015

September 02, 2014
Dulux Colour Forecast 2015

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Dulux has launched their 2015 Colour Forecast, collaborating with six design experts to present four colour scores all relating to the theme "How will you explore your connection?".

It's a thought provoking question and no surprise that the four colour schemes Wildland, Silentshift, Earthwerks and Modhaus have all been interpreted so differently but, equally inspiring.


Wildland illustrates a story through the contrast of light and dark - virtuous vs. malevolent, a story of discovering the beauty in what nature has created and embracing imperfections.

Taking comfort in the most primitive of materials such as timber, stone, leather and fur we reconnect with our primal selves.

Dulux Wildland Colours

Dulux Wildland


Earthwerks explores our desire to have greenery in our homes and workspaces.

The urge to get our hands dirty, to create things from scratch and to be aware of the provenance of our food drives this trend.

A palette drawn from greens and mineral hues creates spaces where mimicked or real nature blends seamlessly with future interiors.

Dulux Forest Colours

swatch earthwerks spec


Silentshift's soft colour palette allows us to create spaces in which there is minimal pattern and contrast, inviting your mind to rest and be silent.

We shift our approach to finding a new balance between fast paced and slow living.

Simple curves and block colours in cosmetic hues create ethereal spaces with a dreamlike quality, conducive to silent moments.

Dulux Silentshift

swatch silentshift spec


Modhaus takes its cues from design movements where form didn't necessarily follow function and colour was explored using bold playful combinations.

Memphis design of the 1980s is at the core of this trend.

Contrasting colour blocks spliced between graphic patterns, often in black and white, play against geometric shapes that repeat to create a sense of order balancing out the colour play.

Dulux Colour Forecast Bold

swatch modhaus spec

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