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Cost Of A Ducted Vacuum System

February 18, 2015
Cost Of A Ducted Vacuum System

If you are planning a renovation or home improvement project, its an ideal time to think about a ducted vacuum system, or if its already high on the list, I’m sure you’d like to know how much it’s going to cost. Speaking to John Ellem, from Volta Centravac, one of Australia’s leading ducted vacuum systems companies, the question isn’t so much what will it cost you, but more, how much can it save you?

How To Get The Best Value Ducted Vacuum System

So here are John’s tips on how to get the very best value from your ducted vacuum purchase, as well as the best price.

Firstly, go to an expert installer who will take the time to work out the right size ducted vacuum system for your home. Getting a ducted vacuum system that is powered to suit the size and needs of your home means that your new ducted vacuum system will run efficiently and effectively, and last longer.

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If you get a ducted vacuum system that is overpowered for your home it will be harder to vacuum the floors, because there is too much suction making it hard to push the vacuum along. The other downside is that the motor is working harder, reducing the life of the ducted vacuum system motor and increasing the cost in the long run. On the flipside, installing a motor that is too small for your home’s ducted vacuum system requirements will result in a poor cleaning result and frustration. Plus the motor will have to work harder, and the constant over revving will shorten the motor’s life span. Even a low cost system isn’t cheap if it doesn't do the job.

Make sure when you are looking at the quoted cost for your ducted vacuum system that all four of the key components are included:

  • Machine - it should be the right size & strength for the number of metres of pipe needed for your home’s floor plan.

  • Hose kit including tools - look for Quality floor heads – not copies.

  • Pipe & Fittings - the best pipe is Australian made.

  • Installation - this is crucial and if your ducted vacuum system is not carefully and professionally installed, you could end up with air leaks, blockages and ongoing service costs.

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How Much Does A Ducted Vacuum System Cost?

John says for an average three bedroom home, all on one level, with a couple of bathrooms and a couple of living areas, the cost is somewhere in the range of $1650 - $2050 for a fully installed system with three inlets and one vacpan. Why the variation? It depends on how the home is built – installations in double brick homes are far more involved and take longer than brick veneer or weatherboard homes.

Ducted Vacuum System used in open plan home

So Are There Any Other Hidden Costs?

If you get a bagless ducted vacuum system, there are no ongoing running costs. If you don’t have pets you might eve be able to get away with only having to empty the bin once every two to four months.

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Ducted Vacuum System?

In John’s experience with Centravac units, if you get the right sized system for your home, professionally installed, you’ll be happily vacuuming for 10 to 12 years before you need to have any service work done on the motor. And by that he means nothing – not even a service call in between times.

Where Can You Buy Replacement Parts Like Floor Heads And Brushes?

Once again, John is all about lowering the overall cost of ownership, so he advocates buying a quality ducted vacuum system at the beginning, knowing that it will lasts. And that includes the brushes and tools. It is good to clean the bristles after each vacuum, but that is about it.

I must admit to being a little surprised at the cost of a fully installed ducted vacuum system. I guess I was expecting it to be higher.

At the rate we go through portable vacuums, and what we’ve paid for them, it wouldn’t take long for the ducted vacuum system to pay for itself. Plus what a great selling feature if we ever choose to move!

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The Team at House of Home would like to thank John Ellem from Volta Centravac for his time and the information contained in this article.

Now you know the cost of a ducted vacuum system discover some tips for buying a ducted vacuum system.