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Ducted Vaccum Cleaners

January 30, 2014
Ducted Vaccum Cleaners

Ducted Vacuum Cleaners are a fantastic alternative to a standard vacuum cleaner.

Rather than lugging a big and awkward unit around, which can be not only a pain to use, but also to store.

Ducted Vacuum cleaners are becoming more and more common not only because of their convenience, but also because of their efficiency.

What is a Ducted Vacuum Cleaner?

A ducted vacuum cleaner is a vacuum system that is built into your house.

The system consists of:

  • A Power Unit which is installed in a discreet and convenient location such as under the floor or in the garage. This is where all the dust and debris will collect;
  • Ducts and Pipe work, which are installed in the walls or under the floors, which connects the power unit to the valves;
  • Inlet Valves which are strategically placed around your home. These are the ports where you will attach the hose so that you can do your vacuuming; and
  • Hoses and Attachments for you to use to suck up that dirt and dust!

What are the benefits of owning a Ducted Vacuum Cleaner?

Silent Operator

Vacuuming is probably only matched by mowing the lawn when it comes to sound blasting chores, often making it annoying and inconvenient.

A ducted vacuum cleaner is ultra-quiet because the power unit is often stored in a location hidden from where the actual vacuuming is taking place.

This means that for once you enjoy your favourite album or TV whilst vacuuming your lounge!

More Power

Can your vacuum cleaner really pick up a bowling ball?

Ducted vacuum cleaners are able to enjoy the power generated from a larger motor thanks to the convenience to not having to lug it around.

This means that any not only bowling balls, but also the dust lying around your house is definitely not safe.


Navigating a vacuum cleaner through your house can often be trickier than reverse parallel parking on a one a way street during peak hour.

Thanks to strategically placed ducts and no cumbersome unit, you won’t have worry about steering and vacuuming at the same time.

The hoses are extra-long, which means you can get into those tight spots that might trouble with a standard unit.


A ducted vacuum system might sound expensive, but including installation, they can cost around the same as a premium brand name vacuum cleaner.

Low Maintenance

A ducted system is incredibly reliable and low maintenance.

Users have reported having the same vacuum bag for 8 months!

Even after vacuuming twice a week. Now that’s low maintenance!

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