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Makeover Your Kitchen With Dream Doors

June 01, 2015
Makeover Your Kitchen With Dream Doors

It's that time of year when you may be contemplating a kitchen renovation and so, we wanted to speak to one of the experts in the industry to see what services are available out there for you.

Dream Doors, Sydney North, provide a kitchen design service, install new kitchens and undertake kitchen renovations. They proudly claim that their kitchen renovation service can save thousands of dollars compared to an entirely new kitchen and results in an amazing kitchen facelift with new benchtops, door fronts and drawer fronts. But before we find out more about their services, lets find out more about the team.

Dream Doors, Sydney North, has been established since May 2014. Owned by husband and wife team, Brady and Bree Morris, they also employ Vanessa who assists with part time administration for the business and, a full time kitchen installer who helps carry out the stunning kitchen facelifts. This talented duo complement each other perfectly as Brady is full time on the road visiting customers and is involved in sales and project management. Whilst Bree focuses her talents and time on the marketing, customer service, project management and the administration side of the business.

Dream Doors - Client's Custom Kitchens

"The best part of our job is seeing the customer’s reaction when we complete a kitchen facelift. The kitchen is such an important part of the home; it's a great feeling to help a customer bring new life into a space that they had fallen out of love with," Bree | Dream Doors

Dream Doors is actually an international brand with personality of a local business owner. Brady and Bree are very proud of the brand and pride themselves on their customer service and friendly and professional approach to their customers Kitchen Facelift.

"In our experience, many kitchen companies wont just do a simple door replacement. We offer a unique service that allows customers to pick and choose what they want to change rather than committing to a whole new kitchen or being told what they can have," informs Brady.

Your kitchen requirements are the starting point for a new kitchen design, with Dream Doors. They bring their knowledge and experience to the process and inform you of the different factors you'll need consider, the most obvious being the functional and aesthetic design.

Dream Doors pride themselves on being up to date with the latest products, materials and processes, and of course know which have proven themselves over time. They also have both online 3D kitchen design software that you yourself can use, and they have professional state of the art 3D CAD kitchen design software that their designers use.

Dream Doors admit that sometimes it is necessary to install an entirely new kitchen, either because the old one is beyond renovation or because the customer may require something that is completely different. However, most often, it is in fact possible to renovate a kitchen, adding modern surfaces, doors, drawer fronts, etc to produce a fabulous new kitchen, without needlessly discarding items such as the units, plumbing, gas and electric connections. This thereby saving the customers thousands of dollars compared to re-designing and installing everything from scratch.

With a new kitchen you can substantially change the layout as well as the look. The latest innovative products can be seamlessly integrated with new benchtops and the latest kitchen appliances. You can choose from Dream Doors extensive range of benchtops, kitchen units, door and drawer designs, all of which they have in a wide range of colours and texture finishes.

Dream Doors - Kitchen Benchtop Selection

"Personally, my favourite product for a new kitchen face-lift is our range of doors. There are so many styles to choose from, something for each personality and design aesthetic," Brady | Dream Doors

The most popular door requested by Dream Doors customers is the Classic White Door. "Everyone loves simple and classic" commented Brady.

Dream Doors - Classic White Door Selection

"It is all about budget or investment you want to make in your new kitchen and what is essential and non-essential for you," states Brady when asked what tips he would suggest when it comes to deciding what kitchen you want. Brady goes on to say that customers naturally ask Dream Doors for a lot of advice when making a change to a kitchen, but it is such a personal thing.

"A big pantry might be important to me, where a customer might have increased bench space as their top priority. When you are researching and getting prices for any renovation service, it is important to know what you can and cannot compromise on and what you are willing to spend to achieve your dream kitchen," explains Brady.

"My wife & I have renovated a number of properties and we love it! Each renovation that we have done has had its own look & feel. For us, we love getting in and getting our hands dirty. The reward of seeing the end result is the best part along with the increased value it brings to our home," says Brady.

So when it comes to shopping for a new kitchen, what would Dream Doors number one piece of advice be?

"Looking online is a great way to familiarise yourself with the variety of products on the market, but people ultimately love to touch and feel the product. My suggestion is go & do some research online, and then visit the showroom, or invite the salesperson into your home so you can be confident with the product that you are receiving," suggests Brady.

And with sound advice like that, it's no wonder Brady and Bree's Dream Door business is the success it is.

The House Of Home Team would like to thank Brady and Bree from Dream Doors Sydney North for their time and expert kitchen renovation advice.

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