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Drab Family Room Transformed

August 27, 2014
Drab Family Room Transformed

You can’t work in the renovation industry and not love a good before and after room reveal. It would be like being a pastry chef and not eating croissants or a vet and not really being a dog or cat person. Impossible! So, you can imagine how excited I get when a good before and after image comes across my desk.

Earlier this week, that’s just what happened. Adelaide graphic designer Katie Vagg and her partner, Production Manager and all round home-handyman, Ben Spry transformed what one would politely call a very dated and dark family room into two super fun, bright and modern children’s bedrooms. Having purchased their dream home - a 1965 dwelling with an abundance of beautiful natural light, mid-century features including original polished wooden floors, a stone fireplace, and envious architectural corner windows there was just one minor problem.

With three children aged five, nine and 10, they wished their dream home consisted of four bedrooms, not just the three. Hmm. What to do? Well, after much deliberation over the original floor plan, the clever couple decided to divide what was known as the family room into two super functional and charismatic children’s bedrooms. Having seen the before and after shots – we are sure you will agree that this was a terrific move.

The said family room, was nicknamed by the family “the big large cream box” and was lined floor to ceiling with unappealing wood paneling.

Dark Family Room With Wood Panels

Family Room Makeover

With Kate’s designer eye and Ben’s handyman skills, this gave the couple the confidence to attack their renovation project head on. By taking charge of the project themselves, Katie and Ben were able to ensure they were in control of the project at all stages, were able to cut down on costs and could also let their personal home style ideas flow. Katie and Ben’s first step in the transformation, after deciding on their new floor plan, was to decide on the material to use.

“Cornice was an important feature of the design, I love the sense of framing that cornice brings. I chose Gyprock Alto for its clean lines and contemporary feel, it’s not overly decorative but has the finishing effect of cornice,” said Katie.

Ten year old Mason loves skateboarding, comic books and drawing. Katie and Ben wanted to create a “teenish” feel to the room so chose bold, primary coloured furnishings and formed a long chalk board wall so Mason’s love of drawing could be encouraged.

Young Boys Bedroom

Playful Kids Bedroom

Nine year old Tayah’s bedroom gorgeously captures her love of fairies, drawing and note writing. Consisting of a candy pink feature wall sitting behind a clever built in desk nook and decorated with a gelati flavour pallet, young Tayah must literally be tickled pink by this bedroom!

Nine Year Old Girls Bedroom with Pink Wall

Colourful Girls Bedroom

Katie and Ben’s Renovation Tips

1) In the design and planning stage make sure you know exactly what you want. Think about layout and the correct scale and measuring.

2) Inspiration is very important and you need to see visually what you want to create. A pinterest board is a great way to collect ideas.

3) Budget is key, always allow a contingency for unexpected costs.

4) Don’t be afraid to ask for help, it can be a great time saver in the long run.

5) Make sure you are using the right tools, selecting the wrong equipment can cost a lot of time.

In 2013, Gyprock launched HomeStyle magazine: an inspiring collection of interiors, styled with Gyprock cornices.

The launch was complemented by a competition which invited home renovators to show case their home style via Pinterest for a chance to win a share of $6,000 in prizes.

Katie and Ben were the lucky winners awarded the first Gyprock® HomeStyle ‘Share your Style’ prize.