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Dining Room

January 30, 2014
Dining Room

The one element of a dining room that has not changed over the years is that the dinner table remains the focal point of the room.

Although the concept of meal times may have changed over the decades for families, the dinner table remains the cornerstone.

Unlike kitchens and bathrooms, the dining room renovation should be relatively straight forward in that you generally don’t have any appliances to consider likewise, plumbing, sinks, baths etc! As such, the furniture choice for the dining room is usually the primary consideration when renovating.

Other elements such as durable and easy to clean flooring, adequate task lighting so meals can be eaten and efficient cooling and heating of the dining room should all be considered when renovating the space.

However, what colour to paint the dining room walls is also key to achieving a comfortable and welcoming dining room.

Paint and in turn paint colours, is a very subjective topic.

There is not one precise colour you should use or avoid for the dining room.

However, you can certainly make good or bad choices when it comes to selecting your dining room paint colour.

Your colour choice should be dependent upon the size of the space, the natural and switch lighting available in the room, your furniture colours and of course, your personal preferences when it comes to favourite colour schemes.

Generally speaking, earthy tones are a common choice for the dining room.

This is most likely due to the fact that they are versatile when it comes to coordinating other elements in the room and they also evoke a feeling of warmth.

Keep in mind that colours such as orange and red excite and stimulate and in turn, are said to increase a person’s appetite.

At the other end of the chart, blue is well known for its relaxing properties and as such, is thought to suppress the appetite.