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Introducing Designer & Decorator Dina Miller

March 31, 2016
Introducing Designer & Decorator Dina Miller

We are constantly being inspired by Instagram profiles from across the world and, Dina Miller is one of those. Recently, we came across her account @dmiller1982 when looking for French provincial inspiration. As such, we touched base with her to find out more about her amazingly curated account.

Designer, decorator, wife, mum and blogger. Dina Miller has just a few titles to her name. Dina has worked for numerous construction companies as a building designer but after the birth of her first son, she decided to become a full time mum whilst also working as a self-employed building designer and in her spare time - a self-taught interior designer.

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dina miller bedroom

dina miller bathroom

dina miller kitchen

We’d love to hear about the types of assignments you work on in building design?

I have worked on numerous projects including residential home design, home extensions and commercial designs. I love seeing the excitement on my clients faces as they begin to see their dream home come to life in front of their eyes.

Tell us about an accomplishment you are most proud of

The accomplishment that I'm most proud of is our home. My husband and I turned a small house into a beautiful and comfortable home that not only we as a family feel comfortable in it but, all of our relatives and friends. Being able to sit down with a cup of coffee and my laptop to design each room and then seeing it come to life in the final 3D design is really fulfilling. Seeing a house turned into a home is the best feeling.

dina miller house

What’s does an average day in your life involve?

The average day in my house hold is always a busy one and includes; making breakfast and lunch for my children, the school/day care drop off, then some general housework before settling down to drafting building designs. Then it’s back out the door to pick up the kids from school and off to sporting activities before dinnertime. After dinner, I check my work emails to make any last minute edits before getting the kids ready for bed and then it’s bedtime for myself and my husband. Repeat….

Who inspires you?

I must admit that I get a lot of my inspiration from the Home Beautiful magazine. I can find my type of style in every issue and I can’t wait to get the new edition each month. I also get inspiration from home interior books, blogs and shops.

dina miller bedroom1

How would you describe your homes style?

I'd like to say that my style is a unique twist on Hampton's which consists of colonial mixed with a touch of traditional. Some undertones of coastal and a distinct French provincial flair is my style.

What was your motivation for styling your home?

The love of French decor was my motivation. However it was hard to stick to one particular style as I really love both the French and coastal styles, plus a touch of colonial influences. That’s how our home is styled and I couldn't be happier with it. I was never a fan of copying someone else's style, I knew that I had to be true to myself and go with things that I really love.

“If you see an item in a store and you are not sure if you really love it, my advice is to leave it. If you collect the pieces you really love, your home and style will be perfect for you.”

dina miller living room3

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone about styling their provincial home?

The best advice I could give someone is to be sure to use a neutral wall colour, as that's the base or blank canvas for any style. I found that this was an easy way to introduce any style of furniture, colour or cushions and blankets to suit your mood or a season.

We understand you’re passionate about interior design, if you could decorate any Australian’s home, who’s would it be and what would it look like?

The person that I would love to decorate a house for would be Carrie Bickmore. Carrie strikes me as a very stylish and elegant person and I could see her taste of home as being French provincial. It would be a delight to decorate a space for her.

dina miller kids rooms

We’d love to know about what styles or trends you have personally embraced?

I have always loved the French style. The rustic yet elegant and the easy going characteristics of it were always something I knew that I wanted in our home. At the same time, I had a weak spot for coastal themed homes, the white washed timbers and the stripes are all about a relaxed feel that I wanted in my family home.

How and where do you find the furnishings for your home?

As I live in a small town, most of my furnishings are from online stores or when we visit our closest city, Adelaide. We are also fortunate to have a local store which stocks unique homewares and furniture. I have found some great pieces for the house there! I am also a big fan of recycling and repurposing furniture. I have the knack of seeing a pieces true potential. I love getting dirty, dusty and covered in paint!

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dina miller kitchen2

dina miller living room1

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The House of Home team would like to thank Dina for her time.

Photo's courtesy of Dina. See more gorgeous photographs on Dina's instagram