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Different Types of Office Desks

January 30, 2014
Different Types of Office Desks

Delving into office desks – which one is right for you?

What sort of office work do you do and how do you go about doing that office work? Are you largely desk-bound and fastidious about maintaining order, or do you find method in madness and prefer to have everything strewn from one end of your desk to the other?

However you answer these questions, and whatever other factors are important to the way you work, you will find there is an office desk tailored to you. So let’s look at just some of the options on offer…

Keep your desk compact, but customised

If hot desk work is more the order of the day for you, then chances are you need very little to get the job done. A compact desk that is enough for your laptop to attach to a screen and keyboard, and some space for a phone might be all the office ingredients you need for your daily work. If that’s the case, then consider a single office desk with an electrically adjustable height, no shelving and just a single surface. Job done!

Radial or L-shaped work stations

If your daily work requires various administration tasks, and you need to access plenty of office accessories and supplies each day, then a larger radial or L-shape work station is probably going to suit you. Pretty much like a right angle, the radial and L-shape work stations allow you to access two desktop surfaces, so you might allocate your computer/keyboard/screen to one, and perhaps keep the other spare for laying out drawing boards, plans, maps and other documents.

A work station such as these will often come accessorised with shelving units and/or cabinets that can either physically form part of the desk itself, or be positioned behind the staff member.

Executive desk

Executive desks deliver an air of seniority – they tend to be very sensible, corporate in their design and usually have three side panels running to the floor so as to create a very solid appearance. With a larger desk surface, executive desks will normally allow enough space for the computer/screen/laptop/phone as well as a filed document area, a hard copy diary, etc.

Fully customised desk

There is always the option to start from scratch and have an office work station designed for your particular needs and your specific style of working. Whether you want one desk surface or two, a series of drawers below the desk or shelving units above it, a right angle radial design or a particularly elongated layout; there is no end of options and certainly many office and commercial furniture retailers will be able to work to deliver a bespoke desk space perfect for you.

Another alternative is of course to seek out reclaimed timber retailers and opt for what is essentially a stunning timber table that doubles as a no-nonsense and beautiful office desk.

Hopefully this has served as a bit of a thought-starter to get you going in the right desk direction!

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