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Different types of Office Chairs 

January 30, 2014
Different types of Office Chairs

If you thought office chairs were a one-type-fits-all solution, then this should change your mind! Depending on the role of the person sitting in the chair, the location of the chair and the purpose of the chair, the types of office chairs available are vast and varied!

Work Station Chairs

Work station chairs tend to be uniformed throughout an office – the same type of chair will be placed at each desk but it will be set according to the person sitting in it. For this reason, a good workplace chair will be adjustable. It will also be ergonomic, meaning its cushioning, comfort and structure are designed to cater for someone who might be seated in it on-and-off for eight hours, sometimes even longer. Often a work station chair will have casters and swivels so that it can move up and down a desk, or over to a nearby work station, easily and practically.

Executive Chairs

Executive chairs are much like work station chairs in that they are adjustable, ergonomic and usually mobile. However, they tend to take on an added ‘presence’ that reflects a hierarchical office structure. So, for example, if you were to place a work station alongside an executive chair, the latter would appear bigger, perhaps more expensive and luxuriant.

Meeting and/or Boardroom Chair

Meeting and boardroom chairs tend not to be adjustable and perhaps not even mobile, as it is assumed the same people will not be sitting in them day in, day out. Meeting and boardroom chairs might also take on more of an ‘affluent’ look than their work station counterparts, especially in workplaces that require their meeting rooms to have an air of officialdom.

Reception or Guest Chair

If ever there was an office chair that could afford to take on a bit more personality, or get away with a slightly different interior design edge, it is likely to be the guest/ reception chair. Workplaces will often call on their reception area to articulate the business brand, so depending on the office the chairs in this initial welcoming space might be particularly grandiose, particularly creative or particularly official. In many cases, office chairs might in fact be replaced by office lounges and/or double seater chairs that allow more than one representative of a group to sit and wait. Reception or guest chairs are unlikely to be adjustable or mobile, as the people using them are normally not staff members and therefore unlikely to spend much time in them at all.

So whether you want to lounge around in reception or get busy at a work station, there’s an office chair right for the job! check out our Commercial Furniture Buying Guide at House of Home.

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