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Different Styles of outdoor tables    

January 30, 2014
Different Styles of outdoor tables

Get the best out of the warm weather with an outdoor table. Just like indoor tables, outdoor tables have an incredibly wide variety of uses including dining, game playing, relaxed drinks and nibbles, storage and more.

Outdoor BBQ Table

Outdoor BBQ tables tend to be large and informal – the perfect design for enjoying a shared and relaxed meal with the family or a group of friends. Outdoor BBQ tables are largely square or rectangular in shape, providing plenty of surface room for diners.

Wintons Teak BBQ Table

Outdoor Breakfast Tables

Outdoor breakfast tables are the most fantastic way to enjoy a warm-weathered morning. There is nothing quite like taking breakfast outside; what a way to start the day.

Outdoor Breakfast Table

Outdoor Dining Tables

Al fresco! When the warmer months kick in, why have mealtime indoors if you can be out and enjoying the open space around you? Outdoor dining tables enable you to enjoy mealtimes on your patio, garden or balcony. Outdoor dining tables come in all manner of sizes, chair options, materials, and colours; they are almost as varied as indoor dining tables.

OUtdoor Dining Table

Outdoor Folding Tables

Outdoor folding tables are great for patios, alfresco areas, gardens or balconies that are a little light on spare space. Outdoor folding tables enable you to have the best of both worlds – fold it out when you need it, and pack it up when you have to free up some spare space.

Cotswald Outdoor Folding Table

Outdoor Glass Table

The term Outdoor Glass Table refers largely to the table top, which is made from glass, as opposed to the overall table itself. Normally outdoor glass top tables will be combined with metal frames and legs. Glass outdoor tables are an especially popular option for Australian coastal homes, or homes with a shaded back yard or garden.

Glass Outdoor Dining Table

Outdoor Patio Table

The patio table is a great option for those who are in need of an outdoor table, but are restricted in space. Designed to be a small and compact table, the patio table can be used in isolation (without seats, and just used as a leaning/ standing table).

Woven Cane Patio Table

Outdoor Tea Table

Outdoor tea tables tend to be smaller, more discrete tables and are perfect for placing a cup of tea, book and phone within easy reach as you recline and enjoy whiling away some time outside.

Woodbridge Outdoor Tea Table

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