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Different Styles of Outdoor Heaters 

January 30, 2014
Different Styles of Outdoor Heaters

Outdoor heating

Thank goodness for outdoor heaters – thanks to this very nifty piece of outdoor home furniture we can now enjoy being outside in our gardens, or on our balconies or patios, right throughout the year versus in the warmer months only.

Outdoor Mushroom Heaters

Mushroom heaters are largely found in cafes and restaurants as a means of keeping outdoor diners warm but they have started to make their way into the residential home as well, where they are warmly welcomed! Mushroom heaters are called as such because they resemble a mushroom – a bulbous gas heater sits atop a single stand frame. Mushroom heater temperature can be regulated.

Outdoor Fire Pits

Outdoor fire pits can be an incredibly attractive, atmospheric accessory for your patio, garden or balcony. Fire pits are essentially mobile, free-standing half-circle pits into which a fire can be built.

outdoor fire pit

Outdoor Hanging Heaters

Hanging gas heaters are normally a preferred option for those who want to maintain a de- cluttered outdoor area. As the name indicates, they are designed to hang from overhead rather than sit on the floor.

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