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Different styles of outdoor chairs

December 02, 2014
Different styles of outdoor chairs

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Outdoor chairs are every bit as varied as indoor chairs. The purpose and range of outdoors chairs is considerable. What you want from your outdoor area will very much inform the type of outdoor chairs you need to purchase, so before you start your search think about how you will be using the outdoor space and what the outdoor chair needs to do for you.

Outdoor Daybed Chair

The name alone should put this chair on the top of the chair buying list! A daybed chair is an outdoor chair that enables you to recline and luxuriate – it’s a little slice of outdoor indulgence!

Leisurewood daybed chair

Outdoor Deck Chair

Once upon a time, deck chairs were invariably found on the decks of ships, and more often than not were made from timber and canvas and could be folded away. Deck chairs have increasingly made their way onto solid ground, but have retained their original purpose, which is largely to lounge around.

Polywood Deck Chair

Outdoor Dining Chair

Outdoor dining chairs are as varied as indoor dining chairs – they can be relaxed and casual or very formal and elegant. They can have high backs, or no backs, they can be made from timber, or metals, they can include fabric or not, they can come with our without chair arms… In essence the purpose of an outdoor dining chair is first and foremost to allow you to eat and drink outdoors. If you are looking at outdoor dining chairs think about what you prefer when you’re inside, as the same will likely apply outside. Also be sure that the height of the outdoor chair allows people to be seated comfortably at a table (no knees hitting the table sides) and do so for several hours.

Moss Furniture Dining Chair

Outdoor Folding Chair

Outdoor folding chairs are really practical outdoor chairs, especially for smaller spaces such as a balcony. Outdoor folding chairs are great in that you can literally fold them up when not in use, so they can be more discreetly stored.

VC Living Folding Chair

Outdoor Garden Chair

As the name indicates, an outdoor garden chair is usually a piece of outdoor furniture designed to remain outdoors. So rather than getting packed up when not in use, the outdoor garden chair will remain where it is left, and will endure the elements year in, year out. Outdoor garden chairs can vary in size – sometimes they are one-seaters, but certainly bench garden chairs are equally popular. Outdoor garden chairs can create a wonderful aspect to an outdoor area; it is lovely to watch a garden in time grow around an outdoor chair. Certainly sitting in an outdoor garden chair and soaking up the surrounding space can be an incredibly enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding experience.

vincents Garden OUtdoor Garden Chair

Outdoor Hanging Chair

An outdoor hanging chair essentially hangs so that whomever is seated in it feels like they are hovering somewhat. Outdoor hanging chairs can be attached to robust ceiling fixtures, sturdy tree branches or they can be self-hanging. Be sure to properly affix an outdoor hanging seat so that there is no chance of the person seated falling, or of the chair damaging the object to which it is affixed.

Sunny Hanging Chair

Outdoor Lounge Chair

Lounge chairs are not just for lounge rooms! They can be equally at home on a verandah, out on a balcony, patio or in a garden. Outdoor lounge chairs are all about lounging, so they are more often than not large and spacious, and very well cushioned. Outdoor lounge chairs are terrific for reading the morning papers outside, sitting down with a good book in the afternoon sun, or taking time out with others to chat and enjoy the moment.

Dune Outdoor Lounge Chair

Outdoor Café Chair

Home décor increasingly takes a lead from the interior designs of great restaurants, cafes, Hotels and the like. Outdoor café chairs are becoming increasingly prevalent in homes, and are a very on-trend look. Fingers crossed the coffee is every bit as impressive.

Wicked yak Cafe Chair

Outdoor Peacock Chair

Outdoor peacock chairs are the most fabulous, eye-catching outdoor furniture that have come straight from the 70s to your outdoors! Incredibly elaborate and dramatic, peacock chairs are normally made from rattan and feature tall backs in a curved peacock feather design. The modern day version of a peacock chair comes in all manner of bright, confident colours making this a terrific accent outdoor furniture piece.

Family Love Tree Lady Peacock Chair

Outdoor Plantation Chair

Outdoor plantation chairs find their beginnings back in the days of the British Empire and the colonial West Indies. Outdoor plantation chairs usually feature a sloping back, low seat and scrolled arms. Think plantation chairs and you’d be forgiven for conjuring images of warm, exotic homes with cooling shutters, rattan ceiling fans, and perhaps even the welcoming clink of ice in a glass – the perfect antidote to those long, languid days in the tropics.

Woven Cane Plantation Chair

Outdoor Rocking Chair

As the name suggests, an outdoor rocking chair is designed to be rocked back and forth by the person seated in it. Outdoor rocking chairs are largely made from timber and can be terrifically relaxing outdoor furniture pieces.

Split Cane Rocking Chair

Outdoor Stacking Chair

There is no end of options when it comes to stacking chairs for the outdoors. Irrespective of their size, colour or material, stacking chairs all share one common feature, as their name well suggests. Stacking chairs are designed to be stacked easily and neatly on-top of each other, making them great options for outdoor furniture, especially when space is a precious commodity.

Cotswald Stacking Chair

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