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Destination Crush, Britain

September 25, 2015
Destination Crush, Britain

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A combination of traditional and eclectic British style creates this destination inspiration. Drawing inspiration from classic cottage styling, country clubs and contemporary design, London interior design is definitely at the forefront of melding the new with the old. The love nothing more than their comfort (well aside from Cricket and Soccer), Interior design draw on rich textural fabrics complimenting them with dark timber and soft supple leather finishes. Saturated colour enhances the new design elements, while the softer tones balances the overall attitude of the space. London style is edgy with elements of fun and flair, yet not as confronting as other European cities. To truly replicate the London Look, get in touch with your inner Kate Moss and throw in a little Kate Middleton and a splash of Prince Charles and then you really will start to get a feel of the rebellious British style.