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Designing an Executive Office

January 30, 2014
Designing an Executive Office

Executive furniture is predominately used by senior management in corporate office environments. Different offices use different furniture depending on their corporate image.

Executive Chairs

Executive furniture often looks like it has more ‘trimmings’ – seats might have higher backs, more generous padding, the overall shape might appear a little more sophisticated than a standard chair, the fabric used might be 100% leather, for example.

executive office chair

Executive Desks

Executive desks will also have that senior edge – perhaps they will be bigger in stature than other desks in the office, or made from a finer quality timber. Often Executive Desks will be designed to cater for 2 people to use as someone in a senior role will often have employees meeting with them. This means the desk has to be large enough for two people to sit either side of as well as catering for a computer, phone and document space.

Executive Storage

An Executive’s office will often have coordinating furniture to complete the senior look. This means the storage has to be just as sophisticated as the desk and chair as well as being viable for the amount of paraphernalia the executive has. Executive storage will often be a piece that replicates the style of the desk without taking away the focus.

Executive Office Décor

If the office space is large enough, an Executive Office will often have stylized décor that reflects the company’s corporate image. An interesting of piece of art on the wall, a large potted plant or a small relaxed lounge setting in the corner for informal meetings all help create the image of a sophisticated office environment that will impress clients and give that exclusive feel.

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The purpose and function of executive furniture is really no different to other office furniture; it is simply that executive furniture and products are usually of a superior quality and appearance.

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