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Designing a Monochromatic Colour Scheme

January 30, 2014
Designing a Monochromatic Colour Scheme

A monochromatic colour scheme refers to a colour scheme that is created using one main colour which is then balanced with neutrals. This may seem like a boring approach to design but by using different tints, tones and shades of the featured colour, the room has depth and variety.

Black and White Monochrome

A Monochromatic colour scheme of Black and White is often a popular interior choice. The versatility of blacks and whites means the room can look classic and traditional, crisp and contemporary, bold and eye catching or subtle and calm. By using different tints, tones and shades you can determine how strong or subtle the Monochromatic colour scheme is. For instance, soft greys and creamy whites will make a more subtle room then deep blacks and sharp whites. The key with using blacks and whites is to find the right balance. Black absorbs a lot of light while white reflects it. The type of finishes (matte or gloss) will make a big difference as well as the proportion of black to white. The most fun thing about a black and white colour scheme is that you can introduce almost any colour into the room if you get sick of the Monochromatic scheme, as black and white compliment almost every other colour way.

Monchromatic colour scheme

Coloured Monochrome

The idea of a Coloured Monochromatic colour scheme can seem quite daunting as you have to really love that colour! However, by again using different tints, tones and shades of that one colour, the scheme can actually be quite varied. Blue is a great example. There are so many various shades of blue (navy, ink, sky blue, turquoise, ocean, deep blue, paisley blue etc.) and then all of these can be balanced with neutrals like white, black, cream and beiges, the possibilities are endless! The best way to create a Monochromatic colour scheme using colour is to get the equilibrium right between the colour and neutrals. If you're using a bold colour like red, you'll probably have to use a lot more neutrals and softer tones of red to make sure the room isn't screaming at you. A softer colour like Green can be used in more daring ways.

Blue monochromatic colour scheme couch table lamp ottoman

Monochromatic Furniture

Just because your sticking to a Monochromatic colour scheme, doesn't mean your furniture has to be boring, you can liven up your room with different textures and prints! A beautiful velvet aubergine chair with a white timber frame will bring texture into a violet Monochromatic colour scheme, while a bold geometric print in black and white, like chevron, will introduce drama and interest. By using the large pieces in the room, like the bed or couch, to replicate the same colour as your wall paint, you can really in force the statement of your monochromatic color scheme. Neutral furniture like modern black leather sofas, timber tables (timber in the same tone as the selected featured colour) and white painted cabinetry will all compliment a Monochromatic colour scheme.

green monochrome chair and sofa