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The Ultimate Parcel Letterbox Deliver-Eze 

April 15, 2016
The Ultimate Parcel Letterbox Deliver-Eze

The cleverly Australian-designed and engineered Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox range accepts large online shopping packages, courier deliveries, parcel post, holiday, bulk and regular mail simply and securely. It is the ideal home solution for your online shopping.

We spoke to Neil, the founder and managing director, of Deliver-Eze and found out more about this revolutionary product.

Tell us more about your background

Before Deliver-Eze I was a mechanical design engineer. My background is mainly in system design and development in the car industry, but I have worked in technical service, reliability, testing, purchasing, quality, project management and commercial/account management. This has given me the perfect background to develop products and run a company.

I developed the first business plan for Deliver-Eze in 2011 and in January 2013 established and commercialised our patented parcel letterbox mechanism.

Deliver Eze Neil

How did the idea of Deliver-Eze come about?

I was shopping online but hated the missed delivery slips when I got home.

A little googling showed parcel letterboxes were plentiful in the USA and I saw the opportunity to sell them here. After importing the best-selling units I was amazed at how terrible they were and with my background in product development I decided to develop a far superior mechanism.

After much brainstorming and development one parcel letterbox design stood out as the best. This design is world-leading in all key areas and has lead to the ultimate parcel letterbox.

It’s a great business name, how did you come up with it?

We looked at and rejected many names. ‘Deliver-Eze’ came up during brainstorming and people loved the name. It perfectly reflects our product and what it does, so we trademarked it.

What’s an average day at work for you involve?

As a developer, manufacturer and retailer there are too many tasks to list. The key things lately are overseeing production for that day and developing new products.

As a new company in a new field, customer input is very important and I like talking to customers about their requirements, whether they are architects, builders or home owners. We also try to answer every customers question in detail, including many international enquiries. This feeds into our product development and helps us make sure our products are of the highest standard to meet customer needs.

Marketing is the one thing we don’t do enough of, but our model is more around word of mouth and being found on Google. For the last few months we’ve been working on some big contracts, so you will be seeing more of our parcel boxes in the future. Stay tuned!

How does Deliver-Eze work?

Deliver Eze how it works

Tell us a bit about the ranges you stock?

Our range is our great strength. Deliver-Eze has the only range of parcel letterboxes in the world which are tailored for different installation situations, such as fences (Malvern), bricking-in (Brighton), or our pillar version (Mosman).

We also do a lot of research and development and have a number of new designs we are implementing to fill customer niches. These should be ready for the market in the coming months.

Deliver Eze ranges

Deliver Eze Malvern Fence

Where can we locate Deliver-Eze?

We sell mainly online, but also through a small number of dealers. We have display units at a few locations in Melbourne, but given our large range it’s not practical to display everything everywhere. Hence we offer a money back guarantee so you can try and return if you don’t like it. However no one has ever taken us up on this offer. Our customers are delighted with our products and often send us photos and emails of their installations.

How do you spread the word of Deliver-Eze?

The Melbourne home shows were great for launching our products and introducing Deliver-Eze to the market. Now we are focused online to spread the word, which is where our customers shop.

Deliver Eze home show

How easy is installation?

Malvern (fence version) is the simplest to install and most handymen are easily able to fit it. Brighton (brick-in) requires someone who can lay bricks, but is fairly straightforward. Our forthcoming updated Mosman pillar will be easy to install also, just needing bolting down to a paver or concrete base. Otherwise, for those requiring assistance with installation, please get in contact with us.

Deliver Eze Brighton brick in

Can you share with us any trends you predict for letterboxes?

The big trend is simply to get a letterbox that takes parcels. Australia Post has been saying the traditional letterbox will be useless in ten years, but parcel deliveries keep growing 10% or more each year. People are realising that buying an old fashioned letterbox is a waste of money and time (including standing in queues at the post office).

Further to this, Australia Post recently made Safe Drop the default choice for e-parcels and allows you to specify your parcel letterbox as the safe drop location. Bar code scanning as proof of delivery is coming next, and our units all have a serial number bar code for this purpose.

Product-wise, customers are requesting new variants to suit their garden or fence layout, which we are developing. People are increasingly asking for stylish and integrated parcel letterboxes rather than parcel boxes which look like filing cabinets. Stainless steel fronts are extremely popular but we are doing powder coated fronts also, for people who want their parcel box to blend in.

Do you sell and freight interstate and internationally?

We ship Australia-wide with free or subsidised shipping depending on location, and sell units across the world. Just this week a customer from California sent me photos of their newly installed Brighton overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Deliver Eze Californian

What do you love most about your profession?

I really love helping change the world - creating parcel mailboxes that surprise and delight people with how nicely they work and the size of the parcels they can securely accept. Our customers are discerning people and it’s great to get their thank you emails.

What sets you apart from other retailers?

Deliver-Eze has many unique features including the high quality of our parcel letterboxes, our product range, their 'wow' factor in that they easily integrate neatly so that they look good, are easy to use and safely secure large parcels. Durability and corrosion resistance are also key strengths that set us apart from the others.

Personally, what’s your favourite product?

Our new Pillar is my favourite because it has such massive storage capacity and offers great value for money. People are spending over a thousand dollars to build a brick rendered pillar mailbox, but our unit is less than half that, has three times the functionality and saves you many hours in trips to the post office.

At home, do you utilise Deliver-Eze?

We have Deliver-Eze parcel letterboxes at our warehouse and at home. We love opening them each day to find parcels inside instead of missed delivery slips!

Why should one invest in a Deliver-Eze parcel letterbox?

The most important thing for home builders and renovators to consider when investing in a letterbox is that the old fashioned letterbox will be obsolete in ten years, according to Australia Post, due to declining letter volumes. Meanwhile parcel deliveries keep strongly growing and a parcel letterbox is the only one that is future proof.

Our benchmarking program also flagged an important fact:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Benjamin Franklin quote.

There are some cheaply made parcel boxes available from manufacturers in China. The competing Chinese unit we purchased and tested had metal fillings falling out of its pivots (simple pop rivets!) after short term use and the screws continually came loose.

In contrast our mechanism has been tested to 25 years of use (one parcel per business day) without noticeable wear. It can even hold a slab of beer. Deliver-Eze is built to last.

Deliver Eze parcel letterbox

Deliver Eze parcel delivery

View the ranges

Please contact Deliver-Eze to find out more about their parcel letterboxes

The House of Home team would like to thank Neil for sharing Deliver-Eze and his time with us.