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Declutter Your Living Room in 4 Steps 

April 28, 2017
Declutter Your Living Room in 4 Steps

"Hoarding is a pattern of behaviour that is characterised by excessive acquisition and an inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment" | Wikipedia

In many residences the living room is the most widely used room in the home, and unlike the kitchen or dining area, offers more surface area to treat as dumping ground by all members of the family. Overtime, our collection of items residing in the lounge tend to build up.

Causes of Clutter

One of the biggest, most unsightly contributors of mess are electrical wires, cables and extension cords. They are always there lurking in the background and for some reason we just seem to live with them!

Another one of the main culprits are reading materials. Books and magazines tend to get taken from their place on the bookshelf only to get thrown back haphazardly on a shelf.

Then there’s the paperwork, shoes, bags, games, toys, even CD’s and DVD’s that have somehow slowly multiplied to the point of no return. Until one day, with fresh eyes you realise you just can’t live with all this the ‘stuff’ anymore. This is a great turning point!

It happens all households; busy schedules take over and the promise to ‘keep tidy as you go’ isn’t always possible. However, keeping things neat doesn’t have to be so impossible.

This article looks at 4 simple ways to spruce up your lounge and clear the clutter – for good.

Declutter Your Living Room  4

Step 1: Clear the Cables & Tame the Technology

Tackling spaghetti junction should be the top priority on the list. Having all those wires laying around can actually be dangerous for families with small children. Not to mention unsightly.

Now is the time to clear up the ugly mess of wires, cables, power adapters. It’s actually one of the easiest areas to combat and once done will provide the motivation and satisfaction to move onto the next step with ease. Combining your home entertainment set up and opting for a wireless hifi system is the answer.

One of the cleanest looking home theatre systems on the market today is available from Sonos. They have just launched a new product called the PLAYBASE which has a slim tabletop design that practically disappears underneath your TV. This slim and wireless solution gives you the opportunity to get rid of the two front speakers, and centre channel speaker, plus the box to drive it, and all of the wires and connecting mess that comes with it. With no more cables to worry about, you are already almost half way to combating the clutter!

Step 2: Free the Floor (and Surfaces) of Clutter

If it’s not a rug, item of furniture or decorative basket, it shouldn’t be on the ground. Scour the floor for bags, shoes, toys and banish them to the bedroom. If there are certain objects that do need to live in the lounge such as toys and games, the good news is there are clever ways to conceal these items.

Selecting smart items of furniture that can double as storage is the best way to maximise available space. Any of the following items make great storage solutions for the lounge:

Declutter Your Living Room  1

Is there a build-up of trinkets, remotes, papers floating across the coffee table? Put them in a pile and sort through what needs to be kept, what can be re-located and what can go. A tray or a trinket box can be used to contain remote controls and coasters anything else that requires easy access.

Declutter Your Living Room  8

Step 3: Address the Bookcase

Look at what’s currently displayed on it. Do you love it? Is it a pleasure to look at? If the answer is 'no' – read on.

Do you have knick knacks and miss matched souvenirs from the early 2000's still lurking around? Do you have a hundred books from uni / travel guides / novels you have already read – twice stashed on the shelves? If you answered ‘yes’ – read on.

At this stage, the most important question to ask is yourself: why have I kept these things? Do they really hold sentimental value? Can I live without them?

The key thing to remember is that those items you do hold dear don’t have to be displayed all at one, next to each other, all the time. Instead just a few can be selected and rotated every few months to keep things looking fresh and will allow you to take various trips down memory lane.

The others can be kept in storage baskets on your shelves. Trays, decorative boxes, baskets, and magazine holders all are perfect for housing the things you just can’t bare to part with.

Declutter Your Living Room  3

Step 4: Delve into Drawers & Cupboards

Take the time to review the contents of your T.V unit or side board or console drawers and cupboards as these are usually areas where random junk goes to die. A veritable mine field of bits and pieces such as papers, cables and chords, pens and gear and equipment. Once important or relevant but now forgotten. If it’s important file it, if it’s not toss it.

Below is a selection of our most popular and favourite living room storage solutions:

At the end of the day the main objective is to adapt your living room to suit your needs. This isn’t an area that needs be kept like a showroom that’s minimal and flawlessly clean. However, keeping tidy helps to clear the mind and improve well-being. Being organised and making small changes will help to break old habits. When you have space to be proud it motivates and creates feelings of happiness.

Follow these simple steps and you will have a relaxing, welcoming and clutter-free lounge in no time!

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your wishlist of products, then be sure and check out our Bookshelves and Wall Units range for a place to store everything.

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