Customising Your Kitchen

January 30, 2014
Customising Your Kitchen

Do you have “kitchen envy”?

Whenever you go to a friend’s house do you gasp and remark on how beautiful the cabinetry is; how striking and unique the colour of the bench top is; and do you marvel at the shape of the kitchen and how it just perfectly fits into that space?

Most likely, their kitchen was custom designed…. And you are probably in need of a kitchen redesign and renovation yourself! If you are looking to create your dream kitchen, with the cabinets, bench top, floorplan and appliances that you have only ever gawked at in magazines, a kitchen designing expert can help you achieve that dream!

Custom Designed kitchens give you the freedom and choice to dictate what you want and need out of your new kitchen.Here are some of the crucial elements in your newly custom designed kitchen that you will need to get thinking about:


Although they essentially just store things away, the cabinetry is one of the most crucial elements of your kitchen. Giving your kitchen style, functionality and practicality, designing and choosing the cabinetry that is right for you is important to how you will use your kitchen.

  • You can select the finish of your choice, whether it is high gloss white, matt red or a timber look. It will reflect your personality and will be matched by no other.
  • You can customise the height of your kitchen cabinets to suit your own needs whether you are tall, short or anywhere in between!
  • If you have an unconventional floor space, customised cabinetry will allow you to fill those awkward spaces with storage or even appliances.

Floor Plan

One fantastic element of your kitchen renovation is the ability to redesign your current kitchen floor plan. If you have a large bench space that blocks traffic or cuts off the room and makes it smaller, a redesign of the floor plan and the cabinetry can do wonders to opening up the space.

  • Create a functional floor plan that allows the traffic to flow through the room, even with limited space.
  • Take out any bulky bench tops that cut off the kitchen from your living and dining space by installing an island. Islands make the space look bigger and allow traffic to easily manoeuvre in and around the kitchen.
  • U-Shape and L-Shaped custom kitchens are great for maximising the space on your walls for cabinetry and storage.


Benchtops are one of the finishing touches to your beautifully redesigned and renovated kitchens. From dark tones to striking white gloss, the colour palette of bench tops is endless. The same can be said for materials; choose the material which suits your needs whether it be a long wearing granite or an engineered stone for the fantastic look at a lesser price.


Don’t forget to incorporate a beautiful splashback! Often forgotten, a splashback can be a focal point in your newly renovated kitchen. Customise your splashback with a piece of printed glass art, or even make your splashback a glass window! Custom designed splashbacks will be created to be perfectly fitted in with your brand new kitchen.


You’ve got the dream kitchen now you need to fill it with your dream appliances! Whatever you choose, be sure to factor it in during the design process. Sometimes that Double French Door Fridge just won’t fit into that small cavity you have left for it! Consider integrated units for that perfectly streamlined kitchen.

If you truly want a personalised kitchen that reflects you and your lifestyle, a custom designed kitchen could be the perfect option for you. Start looking around for some beautiful inspiration to get your dream kitchen on its way with some renovations.