The Wonderful World of Handmade - Meet Melbourne’s Leading Furniture Makers.

June 10, 2016
The Wonderful World of Handmade - Meet Melbourne’s Leading Furniture Makers.

Furniture and furnishings at throwaway prices with mass-produced origins have continued to lose their appeal. The eco-conscious generation of today desire products which combine quality and craftsmanship with inspiring design to create beautiful, timeless interiors.

The decision to source bespoke, handcrafted furniture is becoming a way of life and there are endless reasons to do so:

• There is just no comparison when it comes to mass produced products vs. hand-crafted goods in terms of innovation, quality and attention to detail.

• The raw materials used and the workmanship are superior as makers are intrinsically connected to their craft. The passion behind their creations results in distinctive furniture that can be enjoyed and treasured for years to come.

• Handmade products can also better meet your needs. Craftsmen relish the opportunity to utilise their skills and explore their creativity to craft pieces that are unique and tailored to suit your space.

• Buying handmade from a small business also helps our local communities and contributes to our economy as a whole.

House of Home interviewed a collective of local creatives to find out about their journeys, products and what inspires them. It is a pleasure to share with you some of the most original and beautiful hand-made creations and the artisan’s behind them.

Beeline Designs Hand Made Furniture

Beeline Design

Beeline Design is the vision of wood artisan Adam Brislin, who established his business in 2010. Adam is an award-winning craftsman with over 15 years of experience in making beautifully designed, quality handcrafted furniture.

They specialise in designer tables, cabinets, furniture and other finely-crafted items from some of Australia’s most amazing and beautiful hardwood timbers.

They pride themselves in being award-winning artisans using only the best fine furniture joinery techniques. Adam enjoys meeting the challenges of product development which also includes, jig making.

“Problem solving is particularly rewarding. The marriage of materials and finish offer many stimulating challenges”. | Adam Brislin, Beeline Design

Beeline Design aims to offer their customers the experience of owning a beautifully designed individual piece of furniture that will last not only a lifetime, but be enjoyed and admired for generations to come.

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Chatsworth Fine Furniture

Chatsworth Fine Furniture

Bringing romance back to furniture, Chatsworth Fine Furniture is a leader in high end Antique Reproduction Furniture.

Their philosophy is simple: “Fine furniture constructed using traditional methods, finished to closely resemble antiques.”

Owner Paul Blake has many years’ experience perfecting this art of replicating furniture and takes the utmost care and attention to detail to produce a quality item at all times.

“There’s great joy in creating the initial hand-sketched concept, which is then painstakingly hand-made and exquisitely hand-finished to complete one of our masterpieces. It's the look on our client’s faces when they see what we have created - especially for them.’’ | Paul Blake, Chatsworth Fine Furniture

Chatsworth are constantly developing new designs and finishing techniques and endeavour to supply antiques of the future that can be customised to suit each customer’s needs and be used as everyday pieces.

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Christian Cole Furniture

Christian Cole Furniture

Christian Cole Furniture designs and hand makes solid timber furniture and architectural joinery using 100% recycled timber or timber sourced from sustainable commercial plantations. Everything is made in their Melbourne factory.

Each piece is hand crafted using age-old techniques such as Mortice, Tenon Joints and Dovetail Joints contributing to its longevity and creating a valuable piece to be passed on to generations to come.

“I absolutely love what I do so when a customer acknowledges the work I have put into their piece I feel great! I have a great relationship with many of my customers and I’ve made them a number of pieces over the years’’ | Christian Cole

At 19 years of age, Christian established his own business working from his parent’s garage. Christian Cole Furniture was then established in 1999 and has grown steadily for the last 16 years and has a loyal following around Australia and abroad.

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Felix Furniture Handmade

Felix Furniture

Recent entrant Felix Furniture came into fruition in 2014 but its origins are derived much further back. It was the brainchild of Antonia Morrongiello and Ian Anderson, and although it is a relatively recent business, its humble beginnings stretch back two decades.

Antonia would eagerly watch as a young girl as her father built from scratch many pieces of furniture. Antonia would help out where she could, learning techniques and ideas.

By the time Antonia was a teenager her father become ill with cancer, the furniture making slowed down and the tools began to gather dust.

A few years past and Antonia met Ian Anderson who has a background in cabinet making. Ian and Antonia began restoring old furniture together, Ian with his cabinet making skills would do the structural mending and Antonia with her interior design training would do all the painting and colour selections.

Antonia's father would come and watch them work away in his workshop, using his old tools, offering tips on what to do next. He became the go-to man to run methods and ideas by.

Sadly a month before Felix Furniture was launched, Antonia's father passed away. Still surrounded by his furniture, they offer a new generation of furniture making, one they hope that Felice or in English, Felix would be proud of.

‘’The design process can take time but it is amazing to see something that you might of scribbled on a piece of paper take shape and become somethings tangible. The finished product is very rewarding as a designer maker’’. | Antonia Morrongiello, Felix Furniture

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Grain Timber Furniture Handmade

Grain Timber Furniture

When Jonathan Bird became a Furniture Maker, it was the realisation of a life-long dream. The huts and half-pipes built in his youth soon gave way, and a more opulent and luxurious era would begin.

“I was faced with a decision, either go and work in a big furniture factory, or start my own business”. The rest, as they say, is history. | Jonathan Bird, Timber Grain Furniture

Fast forward a few years, and Grain Timber Furniture, the brainchild of Jonathan’s ambition, is now a flourishing business which has grown into a respected player on the bespoke furniture scene. That same ambition and desire which led to this career in Furniture, is still apparent in his work today with a love for the jobs which many would deem too difficult.

“When a client asked for a pedestal dining table I was excited to be given a chance to explore a range of furniture making techniques that are rarely used today”. | Jonathan Bird, Timber Grain Furniture

It’s that very ingenuity and drive which casts Grain Timber Furniture as masters of their craft, and among the best bespoke makers on the scene.

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Ingrain Designs

Ingrain Designs

Ingrain Designs make functional timber furniture that is built to last and accessible to everyone, in all homes, without compromising on the environment.

Director and owner, Ben Purchase comes from three generations of carpenters. He spent his upbringing alongside Jack, his Grandpa, in the workshop and Brett, his Father, on worksites across Melbourne. Now they work together.

Their diverse range of skills bring a little something different to each and every piece of furniture they make. And they love seeing their work make a house a home.

Ben Purchase of Ingrain Designs believes that by choosing custom made you’re reducing the amount of furniture going to landfill and supporting smaller makers in the process.

‘’Everyone deserves to live amongst good design without trashing the planet’’. | Ben Purchase, Ingrain Designs

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