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Custom Furniture For Your Dining Room

February 25, 2016
Custom Furniture For Your Dining Room

Your dining room table is the heart of your home and for many people it’s an investment furniture purchase, something that they will have in their home for many years to come. Plus given that that the dining table is often the focal point of an open plan kitchen and dining room, investing in a beautiful dining table made by custom furniture makers is worth considering.

Custom Design Furniture

Buying a piece of custom design furniture like a dining table gives you the opportunity to have a piece personalized to suit your home and your style.

It is possible to have the dining table customized so that –

• Its size fits perfectly into your space

• The dining table dimensions and leg placement accommodate the number of guests you want to seat.

• But more than that, your custom dining table can be built in the timber that you love.

• And your custom dining table can have exactly the style features you are looking for.

This makes a custom built dining table a very special piece of custom timber furniture to have in your home.

Custom Furniture Makers

So how do you find a custom furniture maker to create the perfect dining table for your home?

Luckily its not hard. At House of Home we have custom furniture makers from all over Australia, and we showcase their beautiful timber dining tables.

Dining Room House of Home 2 1000 x 600

Custom Made Furniture Sydney

In Sydney, stores like Hudson Furniture are all about the craftsmanship of creating heirloom quality dining tables. Hudson Furniture specialise in working with mahogany and have a back catalogue of classically styled dining tables to inspire your choice.

Custom Made Furniture Melbourne

In Melbourne there is a strong community of furniture makers and designers creating beautiful timber dining tables.

Darios Design are located in Spotswood and from their workshop, they craft solid wood dining tables from local timbers like black butt. With an aesthetic that focuses on clean lines, their furniture would last well in many home styles.

Or if you are after something with more of an industrial aesthetic, then consider a beautiful piece from Recycled Timbers. Working with reclaimed timbers like Sydney Blackbutt salvaged from an old wool store, or the timber from scrapped tram carriage doors all of his dining tables are made to last.

TimberYard Co work from just outside Melbourne. Using locally sourced timbers like blackbutt, spotted gum and ironbark, the crew at TimberYard create striking tables with cantilever bases and other interesting use of angles. Like all of our other custom furniture makers a piece from TimberYard Co will last, furniture like this is built for a lifetime.

Christian Cole has been making dining tables that will need doubt become family heirlooms for 15 years. Christian focuses on choosing the right timber to begin with, and sources and dries a large portion of their timber that they use in crafting their furniture. Christian works with a really diverse range of timbers including locally sourced Murray River Red Gum, right through to American Oak and Walnut. A Christian Cole Dining Table comes with an impressive 25 year warranty.

Lifestyle Furniture is a big believer in both Australian craftsmen and furniture made right here. They work with custom furniture makers from Melbourne. They offer standard dining table designs that can be custom made in a range of timbers and then finished in your choice of stain.

Custom Made Furniture Brisbane

MakiMaki are Brisbane based custom furniture makers, creating heirloom quality dining table pieces. They promote three key advantages to taking the time to work with a custom furniture maker to get your own unique dining table – a tailored design, quality workmanship and a great value investment piece.