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8 Creative Repurposing Ideas

September 17, 2014
8 Creative Repurposing Ideas

So, you've been inspired by the changing of seasons and you have that spring cleaning fever. High five to you!

However, you may now find yourself in a small predicament.

The windows are sparkling, the shelves are dusted, the drawers are all ordered and the upholstery smells fresher than a field of daisies.

But, along with the freshen up – you’ve now realised you have a few items left over.

Good news is, you have two options.

List your pre loved building or renovation items here for sale on House of Home.

Or, think outside the square.

Can you repurpose that item and use it somewhere else in the home?

We have some great ideas that may get the creative juices flowing.

Baby’s Cot to Office Desk

The kids are growing up quickly and it's time for them to get "big kids" beds.

Why not transform their cot into a practical home desk with storage?

All it needs is the desk top, a sheet of glass or plywood would be perfect, and perhaps a lick of paint!

grown up desk

Books to Bedhead

This one might be hard for some book lovers but, perfect for those who want to take their bed time reading to the next level!

Paint the covers and layer them or alternatively, leave the covers as is and create a theme.

Creative Book Furniture Household Items 30

How about open to your favourite page, use double sided tap to stick the pages and fix the book to the wall or a piece of plywood.

Open Book Bedhead

Credenza to Island Kitchen Bench

Have you been umming and ahing as to if you will keep that old credenza? Could it work as a repurposed island kitchen bench?

Perhaps transform it by adding a new marble top - super pracitacal and a real WOW statement piece.

Credenza Reused

Door Key Plates to Pendant Light

This transformation may require a bit more "DIY" than others however, the final result looks well worth the effort.

key plates

Doors - Indoors

So technically this is not totally a repurposing idea however, we thought it was too good not to share!

Old doors, fixed on a rail to slide open are the perfect solution for both privacy and a focal talking point.

Traditional Home Repurposed Antique Doors

Doors - Outdoors

Give an old door a beautiful coat of colourful paint and make a garden feature by creating an arch over your path.

Instant charm!


Ladders to Hanging Storage

Who would have thought the humble ladder could be used so effectively for things other than climbing!

Fix it to the ceiling horizontially and voila, the perfect storag rack to hang your kitchen utensils and cookware from.

bc1e myrusticfarmhouse

Need some more closet space? No problem, transform the old paint ladder into the perfect hanging rack with extra timber slats to display your most prized wardrobe collection.

DIY ladder wardrobe

Suitcases to Storage

Wow - this is the most gorgeous example of how a beautiful suitcase (or twenty of them!) can be turned into the most wonderful "luggage" storage shelf solution and focal point to an interior.

luggage shelf

Or, simply stack treasured old suitcases one on top of the other to create a charming bedside table.

Suitcase bedside table

Timber Boxes to Wall Storage

Perfect for the keen home preserver looking to display their beautiful jams, chutneys and relishes in an eclectic old school way.

Timber boxes will never date and this particular look is amazing in a provincial or shabby chic kitchen.

Old Boxes