5 Hints for Creating a Beautiful Foyer or Entrance Space

August 20, 2014
5 Hints for Creating a Beautiful Foyer or Entrance Space

Written by guest blogger Minot Pettinato

If you were blessed with a beautiful long foyer or hallway, don't let it go to waste. Entryways are the first thing your guests see when they come in your house and set the precedent for what the rest of the home will feel like. Take advantage of the space in your hallway by decorating with inviting pieces and convenient storage that will last you a long time. Decorate with paintings and antiques; furniture and accents that will make your house feel grand and stylish.

Sit your butt down

Some find it essential to have somewhere to sit when you first enter your home. Not only does this make your space, big or small, look inviting and homey, but it is also terribly convenient to have somewhere to rest while putting on shoes, or even somewhere to sit your groceries. Opt for a chair with a pop of color, rather than a pattern that will blend right into the wall. Make sure your seating is close enough to the door to be convenient, but far enough away that you're not stubbing your toe every time you come home. Choose chairs with interest shape and appeal, like this[Love chair by The Family Love Tree.

family love tree blue chair

Find Some Storage

Beautiful antique benches are also foyer favorites, as they add a charm and elegance to your space while still being functional. Store your out-of-season jackets and shoes in the storage bench and cover with stylish cushions or pillows.

Don't be Afraid of Artwork

Having a beautiful, long entryway into your home is a great place to show off your art. Create a home gallery by using all black frames with white inlays and lining your wall three frames across and three down in a row of three. These triplets take up just enough wall-space to complete the gallery feel of the room, and the clean lines you decorate them in will keep the space looking neat and orderly. Using ornate mirrors is another way to accentuate your grand entryway, such as with the French style Neo-Classical Trumeau by Imagine This.


Go Minimalist

Using a minimalist approach in any room is all about making it feel big and stylishly spacious without having it feel empty and hollow. Nobody feels welcome when a room echoes. Start by painting your room all white and displaying a white stool in the corner of the hall. Craft a beautiful design or "zig-zag" display of coat hooks on the left side of the wall. On the right side display an oversized painting. Your pieces should be stark and similar in color. When following this method you will find your hallway will be practical, never overcrowded and you'll have a Scandinavian look that's on trend.

Display Nooks - Use Them!

Some hallways come complete with a cubby, nook or inlay in the walls that make for perfect display areas. Pile a trendy sideways crate up against the wall and begin to build around it. Use vintage books, suitcases and globes to really make your space pop. Another great idea instead of using a crate would be the use of iron and textures, such as with the Parterre 18th Century console.

Nooks or hallway tables are also the perfect place for displaying flowers. These hallway tables are convenient not only for having somewhere to set down your groceries and keys, but they also make beautiful focal pieces, whether you're using an antique sideboard or a trendy, modern white pine. Antique dressers and chests of drawers make the perfect addition to a gorgeous hallway. Refinish your piece and stain or paint it the color of your choice. Use this to display flowers, ole antique books or lamps or even fabulous teacups.