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Creating Boho at Home

August 01, 2017
Creating Boho at Home

Boho is a well-known style that is rich in spirit and individuality. Its origins stem all the way back to the 1700's, yet this look has continued to flourish throughout the decades.

Today it remains a very much celebrated aesthetic that has a strong influence over both the fashion and interior design industries.

There’s something about Boho that has always enticed and intrigued. It’s an aesthetic that knows no boundaries. It’s brave and bold, yet warm and welcoming. One of the greatest advantages of this style is that is offers complete creative freedom and the opportunity to express one’s personal style without hard and fast rules.

With an influence from different cultures such as Morocco and Europe, and a connection to creative types such as gypsies, hippies, artists and travellers, Boho evokes a sense of wonder and curiosity. The appeal of leading an artistic and unconventional life that’s rich in culture may very well be the reason that Boho has remained such a celebrated and sought after look today.


Boho Style

The Bohemian style recognised by a signature look that is unexpected, diverse and unique. It take on various forms and contrasting elements; from treasures found at a Moroccan market bazaar, to a retro 60’s or 70’s vibe with crochet and macramé, to a more refined modern boho chic. Today’s version of Boho balances elegant forms with rustic textures. It mixes old with new, chic with shabby and colour with minimalism in the form of predominantly white walls and lots of natural light.

Confused yet? Don’t be! Our guide below will take you through all the design elements needed to transform your home into a beautiful Boho inspired abode. From suggestions of colour palettes, patterns, décor and finishes to a final Boho checklist, get ready to let your artistic juices flow.


Boho Design Elements

A Bohemian interior is unrestricted and free spirited in its design. It brings an explosion of pattern on pattern, colour and a wonderful eclectic mix of furnishings and decorations. It’s all about layering, and lovingly put together accouterments from adventures and travels.

Boho Furniture

When choosing furniture and fabrics for a Boho setting, one must be fearless and not afraid to experiment. Deep seated sofas with curved forms and rounded edges will help to create a softer looking interior and will help to balance out the pattern and colour of your decor.

When it comes to occasional seating, expect the unexpected. For example; a mid-century modern piece placed alongside a Moroccan pouf or footstool. Woven wicker, rattan or cane armchairs and side tables are a staple ingredient, as are carved wooden or exotic metal occasional tables and vintage pieces such as a sideboard, console or dining table.

Boho Materials & Finishes

A Boho interior encompasses layered tactile textures and natural, raw, organic finishes. Flooring is often hardwood with the added layering of woven rugs and floor cushions. In a modern chic Boho setting it’s not unusual to find metal finishes such as brass, bronze, copper or burnished silver in the form of light fittings or furniture details.

Boho Patterns

Mix don’t match. Boho is all about combining colourful and expressive patterns to create an energetic vibe. Exotic, ethnic or folk inspired motifs such as Suzani, Turkish, Moroccan or Mexican will work perfectly in the form of cushions, rugs and art.

Boho Colours

Boho presents the perfect opportunity to be reckless with colour. When it comes to choosing colour just follow your heart because anything goes! However, If you're looking for something a little more subtle and sophisticated, there are plenty of softer variations of colour to choose from.

A natural, earthy colour palette is a great place to start. Look for warmer tones such as rust, terracotta, ochre, sage green, navy blue or dusty pinks. Just be sure balance any bright, strong colours with some softer neutrals or shades of white for balance. When colour is executed this way it will retain an element of simplicity and casualness.

Don't forget to add a touch of greenery by way of indoor house plants.

Boho Décor

Boho exemplifies one’s endless curiosity and the need to travel, explore and discover different cultures. As such it is essential that a Boho home display any found objects or treasured possessions that are held dear. These could be by way of souvenirs collected during such trips, or even little gifts from a loved one. These elements are so important to help to create a home that is full of cherished memories.

A true Bohemian needs to feel at one with nature. Surround yourself with plants by dotting them about the house and introduce natural looking accents made from pottery and clay and wood. No Boho home is complete without belly baskets, lanterns and a few quirky accouterments.

Boho Artwork & Wall Décor

Bring texture to your walls with wall tapestries or macramé, even wall mounted baskets are a great way to add interest and a feeling of warmth.

A gallery wall effortlessly organized with framed photos or an eclectic mix of art will work beautifully in a Boho home. Just a section or even a whole wall could be filled with various kinds of imagery or even wall mounted sculptures.

Having lots of natural light is a must in a Boho home. Mirrors are a great way to reflect light and create an illusion of space. Look for mirrors with a mother of pearl shell inlay or ornate metal frame.

Boho Lighting

A Boho home should be inviting, convey a sense of comfort and even a little romance. Soft lighting will create a warm and welcoming place to relax and help to balance out the pattern and colour in the space. Table lamps and standing lamps will help to create a lovely atmosphere. However, the Boho look wouldn’t be complete without a statement piece such as a chandelier or pendant lamp such as the ones below.


Here's a snap shot of all of the elements that will help to transform your home into a Boho abode
Boho Furniture • Wooden, wicker, cane or rattan
• Hanging chairs
• Mismatched furniture
• Funky shaped lounge chairs
• Low furniture: ottomans & footstools
Boho Décor • Moroccan rugs, Turkish rugs or patterned rugs
• Brightly patterned or throw blankets
• Hide rugs
• Mismatched colourful and highly patterned cushions
• Dream catchers
Boho Lighting • Wooden beaded chandeliers
• Hanging string lights
• Candles
• Soft warm bulbs
• Salt lamps
Boho Art • Wall tapestries
• Macramé
• Gallery walls
• Vintage mirrors or ethnic look mirrors
Boho Botanicals • Pot plants
• Succulent plans
• Tall cacti
• Mini trees
• Ferns
• Fiddle leafs
• Cascading plans such as string of pearls
• Vases filled with big, bold flowers

Remember, Boho is about creating an eclectic space to display found treasures and colourful collections that reflect who you are. It’s so important to bring your own touch and personal flair to a Boho setting by choosing the pieces that you truly love and couldn’t live without.

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