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Create The Ideal Home Office

December 18, 2017
Create The Ideal Home Office

These days, the thought of working from home is becoming more and more alluring for some.

Eliminating the stresses of a long commute and having your own space is very appealing. However, when it comes to setting up your own office space at home, is it as simple as it sounds? Ultimately, you need a space where you can be both productive and comfortable. As such, we look at six tips that will make a BIG difference in helping you create your ideal working environment at home.

1. Be Aware Of Your Needs

An obvious question, but an important one. What do you need to do your job successfully at home? By making a list of everything you need prior to creating your home office, you'll hopefully avoid forgetting any essential items and, it will also help create an office space that is perfectly suited to you.


2. The Right Sized Office Desk

There are so many gorgeous tables and office desks on the market that when it comes to selecting the right one for your home office - you're spoilt for choice. Sit-down desk, stand-up desk, office desk nook, floating bench, modern, contemporary, traditional...the list goes on. As such, the key things to consider when selecting your office desk is size.

Seems like a simple consideration but, it's an important one not to get wrong. Too small and your working day will be inconvenienced, too big and it feels like your office space is all desk. Take a look at your current desk and ask yourself if it adequately fits all the things you need? If so, great. If not, think about how much more space would be ideal.

Once you have established this, be sure to measure the actual room the desk will go in and make sure it fits. There's nothing worse than falling in love with a piece of furniture only to get it home and find out it's too big for the space. Also, make sure power-points are accessible for all your devices so the cords are out of the way and don't cause any trip hazards.


3. Comfortable Office Desk Chair

As tempting as it may be to slide on over and set up work for the day on the couch, it's a habit that you're best to try and avoid. By creating an inviting office space at home that includes a very comfortable, and supportive, office chair - you're helping to create a balance between your professional work life and your home space.


4. Adequate Lighting

If possible, setting up your home office with lovely natural light streaming through a window with a beautiful view will help encourage your productivity. Where natural light is not available, or suitably adequate, be sure to invest in great above head lighting and consider a desk lamp for extra light. If you are lucky enough to have plenty of sunshine in your office space - be mindful of where you set your desk up as you'll have to consider your computer and the screen glare. Also, be sure to consider window coverings such as shutters or blinds to control the level of light on those particularly sunny days.


5. Ample Storage

A work area that is cluttered and unorganised, can lead to unnecessary stress. As such, having terrific storage solutions in your home office will result in a space that is well organised, and in turn you'll work more efficiently as everything is easy to find and streamlined. Everything from boxes, baskets, file cabinets, bookshelves and built in storage are fantastic solutions for holding all your office needs.


6. Inspiring Wall Art / Artwork

Incorporating wall art or photographs can help personalise your office space and, inspire your creativity. The opportunities are endless in terms of what you can do. A beautiful fresh coat of paint, a lovely wallpaper, motivational decor, hanging pictures of your travel adventures or installing a cork board with all your reminder notes and a calendar.


Lastly, we came across this great little "How To..." courtesy of The Huffington Post and we thought it was a great little one to also keep in mind when designing your home office space.

Huffington Post How To Set Up Your Desk

We hope these tips have got you thinking about your home office space, how you can personalise it and in turn, create the perfect home-work environment that enhances your productivity and comfort.

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