Create An Empty Nesters Bathrooom

March 30, 2015
Create An Empty Nesters Bathrooom

The children have all grown up and left home. It’s time to reassess your living needs. Just because all the kids have moved out – shouldn't necessarily mean it’s time to down size. In fact, it might not be too long till you start entertaining some grand-kids at home so space might be exactly what you want! As such, it’s time to think about how your home can be renovated to meet your changing needs. One of the first rooms in the home that is commonly renovated is the bathroom. We look at tips that will help you create your perfect empty nesters bathroom that will make the kids envious that they ever moved out!

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1. Double Basin Bathroom Vanity

If room allows for it, the inclusion of a double basin bathroom vanity is the ultimate in empty nester comfort. No longer do you have to share a basin with your children or partner - you actually can have one to your very own! What's more, one with storage allows you to conveniently have all your daily use items, in the one spot just for your easy access. Consider a vanity that also has ample benchtop space. This will allow for more of your daily items to be displayed, and more importantly, accessed easily so as not to have to do too much unnecessary bending down.

2. Custom Made Walk In Showers

It's the perfect time to pull out the old shower, or that bath that is no longer used, and install a customised shower, or custom made shower screen, to perfectly suit you and your needs. Have a really good think about what your needs are. For example, do you want your new shower to have a door or be door-less, do you want to have to step into it or would you prefer it to be seamless. If space permits, a large walk in shower would be ideal. Given this life-stage, it's also a good idea to think perhaps of incorporating some hand rails for easier access into, and out of, the shower.

3. LED Shower Head

Just because the children have moved out doesn't mean you can't have the latest in technology for your newly renovated bathroom. An addition to the modern bathroom that is trending lately is the installation of a shower head with LED lights. Not only does it look visually striking, it also claims to give you a daily dose of Cromotherapy (sometimes called color therapy, an alternative medicine).

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4. Makeup/Shaving Mirrors

Now the children have left home, you might find yourself with some more free time in the bathroom as no one is impatiently knocking on the door waiting to use the shower or blow dry their hair! As such, it's time to invest in a sensational bathroom mirror that will not only help brighten the space but, you'll find yourself wondering why it took so long to have this practical addition!

5. Low Maintenance

Probably a common request for any bathroom renovation at any life stage but, in particular, it's best to think about the maintenance of your new bathroom and keeping it as minimal and as low as possible. As such, larger tiles equals less grout to clean. Good ventilation and extraction equals, hopefully, minimal mold issues. Installing mixer taps means easier user access as no need to grip onto taps that could be difficult to turn due to possible health issue such as Osteoarthritis.

We hope that you've found the above ideas helpful when it comes to planning your empty nester bathroom renovation!

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