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Create an Outdoor BBQ Area

September 22, 2018
Create an Outdoor BBQ Area

How To Create an Outdoor BBQ Space

The backyard BBQ is a classic part of Australian life- and there’s no better way to enjoy a beautiful Summer evening than to be able to invite friends around to enjoy a meal outdoors. Creating a welcoming space to host guests in and one that’s also safe for children is a great way to use your outdoor area but one that requires some well planned exterior design.


Image via James Russel Architect


First consider where you will place your BBQ. This should be a flat area in close proximity to the kitchen, so you can easily carry food from the fridge or bench to the BBQ. Building a BBQ area with safety in mind will mean that you’ll get more enjoyment out of using it. Stick to clean flat surfaces and you’ll have an easier time both cooking and cleaning.


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Once you have your spot picked out, think about what kind of BBQ you’d like. Will your BBQ be in-built with a direct gas line or portable? Will it be gas or charcoal? Chances are you’ll be heading for the class gas-bottle powered BBQ.

The Space

If you’re creating your area from scratch, an important consideration is your outdoor flooring. Once you have the spot for your BBQ in mind, think about the flooring surface. Timber decking is a beautiful and classic Australian look – however requires frequent maintenance, and can be damaged by clawed paws, kiddie spills and scraping chairs.


Image by Belathée Photography via Gardenista

Pavers are a great option for those with a lawn – as they can be placed on top of the lawn with little effort. Gravel or pebbles are another great option – especially for those with limited space and time as they require next to no maintenance and will absorb spills and mess with little cleaning. If decking is already in place, make sure this is properly sealed to repel grease or oil stains. Check out our tips for deck maintenance here.


Image by Steven Harris Architects via

Think about building a cover for the BBQ area- not only will it mean that you won’t need to be as careful with covering the BBQ when it’s not in use, it will also mean that the cooking area can still be used when the weather isn’t so great. This can be a simple weather-resistant umbrella, retractable awning, or even a shade cloth.


Image by Derek Swalwell for Inform Design & Architecture via The Local Project


If you have the room, you may want to think about adding some extras for entertaining. A beautiful outdoor table and chairs, colourful weather-proof cushions, even an outdoor day bed or outdoor lounge set for maximum relax. Of course an outdoor sink can be really useful for preparation and clean up. If you’re planning on entertaining often, you might even think about building an outdoor bar, adding a spa if you have the space, a table tennis table or an entertainment system so the score is always known! You’ll have a hard time getting rid of your guests!


Image by VT Wonen via


A great BBQer has many tools – the tongs, the foil plates, the condiments and don’t forget your cleaning supplies! Whilst these can be easily stored in a kitchen – if you BBQ frequently it can be worth considering some storage for your BBQ area. Consider installing some outdoor cabinets and benches, or even some simple shelving to store your most important tools.


Image by Harrisons Landscaping


A great way to offset the smokiness of the BBQ is to surround your area with greenery. Whether this is in overhanging vines, abundant pot plants or a little patch of lawn, greenery makes for a lush and welcoming outdoor space. If you don’t have much of a yard, this is also a great way to make the space appear bigger and more ‘outdoorsy’ than if you just had a bbq.


Image by Australian Homes and Gardens via

Your garden or patio area is an important extension of the space you have to live in. Taking the time to turn your exterior space into an area that your family can enjoy means that you’ll gain an outdoor room in which you can spend many happy evenings.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you are ready to start building your dream outdoor space, then be sure to check out our Outdoor products range.

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