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Create a Beautiful Outdoor Area

January 30, 2014
Create a Beautiful Outdoor Area

outdoor area in vines

Take the time to plan your outdoor area and turn your garden or patio into a beautiful ‘outdoor room’. Following these tips will help to make your home as welcoming from the outside as it is inside.

Budget, Furniture & Materials

Often working on the exterior design of the home is the final step in the redecoration process - but it’s one that demands a significant amount of time and thought. When you’re considering the outside of your house, you’ll want to factor in maintenance from the beginning. This will impact on your choice of furniture, materials and your budget.

The Outdoor Table and Chairs

Your outdoor room should be a space that you can really enjoy during the warmer months. At the planning stage consider how many people you’ll typically want to entertain at a time. Decide how big a table you’ll need, whether this is round or rectangular, and how much seating you would like. If you want to be flexible with your seating, benches can be a great choice, rather than individual chairs. If you have the space, you can also try Outdoor Day Beds and really relax in style!

The Outdoor BBQ, Umbrellas & Heaters

Along with the table and chairs you’ll probably want a BBQ. You may also wish to think about a sun umbrella and stand and an outdoor lounge suite, and of course and outdoor heater for the cooler days or nights. Make sure that if you’re planning to spend time outdoors in the Summer that this furniture is placed under shade, whether this is a sail, a roof or a portable pull out shade. Its always a good idea to have protective covers for all outdoor furniture, this will maintain and keep your furniture looking new, and protected from all elements of mother nature.

The Outdoor Furniture

The furniture that you choose will need to be purpose built for outdoor use. Anything meant for inside just won’t last once you move it into the sun and rain. Furniture meant to be used outside will either be made of timber, resin wicker, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic. Outdoor furniture is designed, built and treated to be used in all seasons and should be guaranteed to last for a minimum period. Make sure you chat to a salesperson about this and find out what guarantee period is available when you’re shopping. Also take care when choosing outdoor cushion material- make sure it’s waterproof and has been appropriately treated.

You’ll also want to think about factoring in an outdoor storage unit for your cushions and other outdoor accessories like candles and candle holders or tiki torches. This will help keep everything in great condition by providing some protection from the elements when they’re not being used.

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