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Cranmore Home

July 22, 2015
Cranmore Home

Imagine a beautiful 1909 stone homestead surrounded by farmland, the bush, sheep, cattle and crops and you’ve found yourself in the picturesque Western Australian landscape that Tracy Lefroy, owner of Cranmore Home, calls home.

Tracy began her career as an Agribusiness Analyst before moving onto becoming Communications Manager for WA’s largest farmer group before finally becoming a freelance Agricultural Journalist. Tracy is the epitome of the modern accomplished woman, talented and successful she puts everything she’s got into her work.

In 2005 Tracy was the youngest recipient to be awarded a prestigious Nuffield Australia Farming Scholarship. Her studies took her all over the world and gave her the tools to learn, listen and to understand how individuals take business ideas from conception through to reality. Since then, Tracy has been focussed on her role as partner in Cranmore Farms, a 6000ha cropping and livestock farm, doing all of this while raising three small children and running the very successful homewares and furniture business.

Tracy’s background and connection to her home inspired her to curate the unique collection of Australian designed homewares and furnishing, she believes Australia desperately needed. Her ambition was born from the desperation she experienced when Tracy and her husband moved into their beautiful old farmhouse. Deeply considerate and wanting to be respectful of the original stonemason work and history of the farmhouse, Tracy decided to curate her home with products made with the same essence of passion and quality.

“I became frustrated at the lack of quality, well-priced Australian-designed homeware available in shops so, I started researching products online,” commented Tracy. Undeterred by the lack of choice available to her, Tracy set out to find what she needed to decorate her home in her vision.

After carefully styling her home Tracy admits “a gorgeous girlfriend of mine suggested that the brands I was collecting would work well as a shop. Somehow, her well-meant comment ended up in both of us running a pop-up event in 2011! After two years of blood, sweat and tears, I launched Cranmore Home," commented Tracy.


Above image, Tracy Lefroy, Curator & Owner of Cranmore Home welcoming us to her store in the WA Wheatbelt. Kim Pearson, renowned Interior Designer, worked with Cranmore Home on the store’s design and fit-out.

Her determination and inspiration stemmed from her farm heritage.

“Cranmore is very significant to me. The beautiful Cranmore homestead is home to my husband and I, and our three young kids. The surrounding farm, Cranmore Park, is our place of work and play,” states Tracy.

Tracy continues to be inspired by her surroundings and admits “my life on Cranmore, the character and old treasures of the homestead, the stunning colours of the different seasons as well as the bush, the sheep, the cattle and the crops are the inspiration for my homewares business, it seemed natural to call the business Cranmore Home,” comments Tracy.

Just like the vision of her homestead, Cranmore Home is a curated collection of Australian designed and ethically sourced homewares, art and fashion. Tracy offers quality products as well as interior consulting, event planning and wedding registry services. It is evident in her response that she is keen to share her love of the Australian farm life to all around her, even offering workshops held at her farm. She chooses products that fit with the aesthetic of the Australian way of life and is focused on products that will stand the test of time. She is an avid farmer and shares her knowledge of artisan skills to those fortunate to be able to attend her workshops.

“Our winter workshops are something that I am immensely proud of. The Winter Workshops are a series of hands-on studios held at my farm. It is a day of creativity, good food and good company which gives customers the opportunity to connect with, and learn from, Cranmore Homes’ many artisans whilst experiencing the heritage and beauty of the WA wheat belt," says Tracy proudly.

Set in the beautiful environment of Western Australia in the small town of Moora, Tracy’s average day usually starts with the school time rush before diving head first into liaising with clients, and artists, then it’s back to researching new brands and products and other administration duties. We’re amazed that she can accomplish so much while still raising her three children as well as looking after her farm.

“The concept of ‘balance’ is always at the forefront of my mind. Cranmore Home is a full-time job but, I have three amazing women who are running the retail shop the majority of the time,” says Tracy.

Lack of sleep is not an issue for Tracy, “my youngest child is only 2 years old so sleep deprivation is nothing new," laughs Tracy.

Undeterred by her lack of sleep, Tracy is passionate about showcasing Australian designers at Cranmore Home. Each product and brand has been carefully researched and selected, fervently pursued with determination which is why she has such a unique partnership with each of the artists she stocks.

Above image, some of the beautifully curated products Tracy stocks at Cranmore Home.

“Cranmore Home products embody quality and functionality as well as a timeless beauty. They are pieces that will last a lifetime and hopefully beyond. I have a very firm idea of the aesthetic I am chasing. I value longevity and as such, many products are classic in their appeal, meaning they work well in different spaces. I am passionate about stocking Australian designers. I feel so privilege to stock the amazing artists and brands that make-up Cranmore Home. Some of these include Armadillo & Co, Hale Mercantile as well as Hayden Youlley Designs, Hunting for George, Milk & Sugar and The Beach People," states Tracy.

Tracy’s ‘slow-style retail’ ethos, promotes the concept of purchasing less while doing so more thoughtfully. She chooses her pieces based on their stories and uniqueness, making sure that they are each made by someone with a strong connection to their craft and products.

“Cranmore Home is a reflection of my personal style, so I can honestly say that everything on the Cranmore Home website is my favourite! But right now I am totally loving ex-Perth girl Letitia Green’s amazing silk scarves. Letitia is incredibly talented and her scarves are each a work of art,” comments Tracy.

There are so many exciting emerging talents amongst the Cranmore Home family and Tracy advises us to keep an eye out on Meaker Studios’ Spencer Parks, Ltitia Green, Gratton Design and Emma Grace Hawtrey.

“These are fresh new faces in the Australian design scene and I can see big things for them in the future," Tracy explains.

Cranmore Home's online store is just as carefully curated as the physical retail store, stocking specifically selected rugs, cushions, vases and more.

“I have worked really hard to personalise and humanise the online shopping experience and form a tangible connection between my customer, Cranmore Home and the brands I represent. I take a great deal of time writing the copy for my websites and trying to ensure my personality and ethos come through clearly at the other end of the screen,” comments Tracy.

“I am very proud of being based in regional Australia. The beautiful surroundings provide me with great inspiration and the remoteness is a key driver of my business model with the majority of my clients being web-based," reflects Tracy.

This personal customer service touch is evident in Tracy’s business as well as in her words. Tracy’s passion for her business, we are pleased to see, flows untapped.

“The two things I love most about my profession are also the motivation for Cranmore Home. They are the artisans with whom I am lucky enough to work; and being able to run my business in the beautiful environment of the WA wheat-belt. I learn so much from collaborating with the Cranmore Home designers and it is such a buzz to be part of their creative process,” comments Tracy fondly.

It’s clear to us as to why Tracy's so successful at what she does. Her dedication to original Australian design, and her paired back aesthetic, make Cranmore Home the perfect place to buy a unique piece for the home or loved one. We hope Tracy continues to pursue and support her love for Australian design and in doing so, inspire us all.

The House of Home team would like to thank Tracy from Cranmore Home for her time and sharing with us more about her beautiful business