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How to make cosy chic in your home this winter

June 03, 2018
How to make cosy chic in your home this winter

We have approached that period in the year when the sleek styling we pride ourselves on gives way to warmth and comfort. Tailored outfits and clean furniture lines are lost underneath piles of fabric, down and insulation. Conversely, those clinging to their cool leather, polished concrete and breezy white linen are beginning to feel as cold as their seamlessly integrated Vintecs.

For those determined to make cosy chic, we’ve appealed to hip Melbourne label L&M Home to unveil the ways you can utilise cosy textures and layers in your interior design this winter. Their Director, Anna Lofts, knows a thing or two about keeping cool in the cold, with her Nordic roots instilling a healthy sense of ‘hygge'.

“The best way I can describe hygge is the feeling you get when you’re warm and cosy, relaxing with good friends in front of a fireplace with a glass of wine and lots of candles” - Anna Lofts, Director L&M Home

At House of Home we love hygge, however this winter, we're fusing hygge with high fashion and glamming it up a little. Read our tips on keeping stylish AND warm this winter.

L&M Home and House of Home | Winter 2018

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Use pops of colour

Winter may be all greys and blacks, but utilising a pop of colour in your interiors can revitalise the look. Think burnt oranges, fuschias and the colour of the moment, mustard yellow. Light a fire of fabric with these hot hues, and allow the bright, warm tones to trick your eyes into cosiness. (They’ll also match that delicious glass of red wine you’re holding).

L&M Home and House of Home | Winter 2018

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Velvet dreams

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, velvet is back baby. With a resurgence both in our wardrobes and in our home, soft, plush velvet is the perfect texture to create feelings of warmth and cosiness. Try it in some statement cushions, a luxe quilt or go all out and invest in a velvet couch. If velvet isn’t your style try pared back fur rugs or mohair blankets for the same soft, indulgent feel.

L&M Home and House of Home | Winter 2018

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Play with natural textures

Nothing says log cabin with a fire like wooden accents. Play with masculine textures such as wood, leather and Iron to accentuate the winter hibernation vibes. If you’re thinking you’d rather stick away from the old man associations, think again. Leather and wood are now luxe. Rethink how you use them – a leather cushion, a teak bowl, a tan mirror frame – and you won’t have to worry about veering into the tack lane.

L&M Home and House of Home | Winter 2018

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Keep your linen – but make it dark

When one thinks of linen, one thinks of breezy summer days and light bedding. Think again,

“Linen sheets are woven from Flax. Flax fibres are different to cotton in that they have a hollow core, and this creates great insulation properties, cool in the summer and warm in the winter.”

Make the transition to winter by opting for charcoal, navy or smoke colours which compliment the moodier season. Dark colours are perfect for snuggling in and bunkering down (and won't show the stains from that tea you're drinking in bed!).

L&M Home and House of Home | Winter 2018

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Get a daring new fringe

Before you rush out to the hairdressers, we’re talking about your décor! Create volume in your cushions and throws by opting for interesting fringes. Not only do they make an artful focal point, they also mimic the feel of cosy scarves and pom poms. Embrace childhood tactile sensibilities and move away from the sleek and cool, clean surfaces of summer. Keep the sophistication though by selecting artisanal pieces in neutral colours.

We hope you found this article helpful. If you're ready to cosy up and create your perfect winter hibernation space, check out L&M Home's Autumn Winter Range

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Written by Elizabeth den Dulk.