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Cook Better With BRITA

April 04, 2016
Cook Better With BRITA

When planning for a dinner party, the "To Do List" can quickly grow. Invitations, table settings, flowers, menu planning, shopping, food preparation, cooking...the jobs start to add up. However, surprisingly few think the same way about the water they use in the kitchen. Despite it being fundamental in the preparation of so many recipes, not to mention an important ingredient itself, the water we use should be a primary focus in both our preparation, cooking and cleaning.

“Water is the essential ingredient for your food and your kitchen. It’s like using a good salt or olive oil, if all the basics are right, you have the foundations for good cooking. Cleaner and clearer, it’s perfect for bringing out the full potential of your dishes. It really enhances the natural flavours of your other produce and ingredients too – and tastes great for everyday drinking water as well!” Gary Mehigan | Restaurateur & Master Chef Judge

As such, BRITA teamed up with Restaurateur and Master Chef judge Gary Mehigan for the Better with BRITA Home Cooking Series. Focusing on filtered water as the number one key ingredient, Gary has created a wonderful series of mouth-watering recipes for you to try at home. From dinner parties to easy mid-week meals and mouth-watering lunches, Gary and BRITA have good taste covered for you.

We've selected four of our favourite recipes for you to try for yourself.

BRITA Garden Pea Salad Recipe

BRITA Rice Paper Rolls Recipe

BRITA Spaghettini Recipe

BRITA Apple Pie Recipe

BRITA has a range of products that can help improve the quality of your drinking water. Nutritional experts recommend drinking around 1.5 litres of water every day. However, not surprisingly, it's not just the volume of water that is important; the quality of the water needs to be equally considered. All BRITA products are designed with technology that reduces unpleasant and unwanted substances, such as limescale, metals or chlorine.

House of Home has conveniently curated a collection of BRITA products that will have you well on your way to drinking cleaner, healthier water.

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