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Why Every Home Needs a Console Table

October 14, 2016
Why Every Home Needs a Console Table

A console table can often be overlooked but it is in fact a key item of furniture that every home should have.

A console table is the perfect piece of furniture to transform a dead-space into an area that makes and grand statement! Due to its narrow, elongated proportions, a console is perfect for an entryway or hallway. It’s a piece that is not only functional but can also be dressed to set the tone for a space while also creating a sense of arrival that says ‘Welcome Home’!

Along with an entry or hallway, a console table can also work well in other rooms of the home. It can act as beautiful addition to a dining room and living room by helping to define an area and also by creating a visual balance against heavier items of furniture such as the dining table or sofa for example. It is an important piece that can act as a ‘finishing touch’ to help a room to feel complete.

Why Every Home Needs a Console Table


A console table is one of the most useful items of furniture a home can have. It can provide additional storage which is always a bonus as it prevents clutter from building up, helping to keep a room looking tidy.

A console fits nicely behind the back of a sofa, which great for an area where the sofa backs onto a walkway rather than a wall. This helps to define the space and prevent the sofa from looking lost or floating in mid-space.

A console is also the perfect solution for filling empty nooks and spaces. For example, in front of a staircase wall.

A console table can be used as a serving bar for entertaining. It makes a great bar cart for displaying and serving drinks or laying out food dishes.

Why Every Home Needs a Console Table 1.


A console table has an advantage over a sideboard, buffet or credenza as it occupies less space and its open base design makes it appear visually lighter. Most models are commonly rectangular, however there are some that a referred to as ‘Half Moon' or 'Demilune’ which is like an elongated semi-circle or an oval cut in half.

Some models have drawers for storage, or come with a hutch or a shelf, while others are more like a table with a flat top and two legs either side or a central base. A console can even come as a 'floating' option which comes without legs and can be conceal fixed to a wall.

They come with a multitude of different bases such as a trestle, full-frame,sculptural or plinth, and can be made from materials such as wood, glass, concrete, natural stone, metals such as brass or bronze, they can also be clad with mirror, leather or shagreen (stingray leather).

Below are some of our favourite types of Console Tables.


While the size of a console table can vary, most range between 80 – 140cm Long x 30 – 40cm Deep x 70 – 80mm High.

Why Every Home Needs a Console Table 2.


There are a gargantuan variety to console tables on the market so which style should you choose?

Consider the style of your current interior and the other elements within it. Select a model that works back with your existing pieces and compliments the aesthetic of your home.

If your home is modern avoid heavily ornate pieces and opt for something with clean lines. If your home is more classic, a combination of brass or bronze base with glass top could work well. Selecting something in a light neutral colour will work best in a smaller, darker spaces.

Below are some of our favourite styles.

Modern Console Tables

Scandinavian Console Tables

Classic Contemporary Console Tables

Industrial Style Console Tables

French Provincial / Hampton's Style Console Tables

The greatest thing about a console is it is a ‘place anywhere’ piece. Its slender proportions will work well in most spaces so it can be easily relocated to another room in the future if required. It’s also a piece you can take with you in the instance of moving house and it should fit seamlessly into the next space.

Why Every Home Needs a Console Table 3.

Feeling ready to shop for the perfect console table? View the rest of our extensive range here: Console Tables.

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