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How to Style a Console Table

October 18, 2016
How to Style a Console Table

Following on from our article Why Every Home Needs a Console Table, as promised, we have compiled all the tips and tricks you need to know how to style your console like a pro!

While natural creative flair certainly can play a part, successful styling isn't something that just happens by chance. There's actually a few simple steps that can be followed to help make your console table look effortlessly chic and eye-catching!

Styling is easy once you know, but there are some important things to address to ensure you create a vignette that looks amazing but also works from a practical stand point. The first step is to consider the function of your console table and its location, then evaluate your needs and style accordingly.

Console Table Styling

Consider adding the following items to dress up your console and the space around it:

Add a Mirror or Artwork

If your console is sitting up against a wall in an entry way, you may wish to hang an artwork on a mirror above it. An artwork can make a grand opening statement for your home and is a great way to introduce colour and reflect your personality.

A mirror opens up an area to create a sense of space, it will also help to reflect light and create a brighter feel, while providing a place to check your hair before you rush out the door.

Tip: When selecting an artwork or mirror just be sure that the size works well with the scale and colour of the wall, the console and the other objects you are adding to the console.

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Add a Lamp

Adding a table lamp on one side or both sides can offer a beautiful ambience in the evening and can be wired to a main switch or on an electrical timer so that you are greeted with warm welcome after a hard day at work.

If adding a lamp on just one side, make sure the objects you place on the opposite side help to create an overall balance look. For example; if your lamp is on the right side of the console, a vase at a lower height could be placed at the left hand side.

Add three decorative objects at a much smaller scale beside the vase to help create visual balance. Objects always looked best when placed in groups of odd numbers such as three or five.

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Add Decorative Objects & Display Books

When selecting objects to decorate your console consider your needs. Styling isn't just about creating beauty, just as importantly styling is functional. You can incorporate décor objects that will actually help to make life easier or help to keep your space clutter-free!

For example, placing a decorative box or bowl on your console table to conceal the contents of your husbands pockets is both stylish and functional and means you will never lose your keys again!

Next, address shape and scale. Visual interest can be created with contrasting shapes. If you have a lot of square or rectangle objects such a books, tray's and boxes, place an object either on top or next to them that’s round or cylindrical for contrast.

Also introduce objects that vary in height to bring visual weight to the vignette and help to create balance. Remember to keep it simple – don’t over-clutter. Allow white space for the eye to rest.

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How to Style your Console Table

Add Botanicals and Blooms

Add plants or flowers for a beautiful natural element. Flowers look and smell amazing and are great for adding a pop of colour to a room, while plants are an absolute must-have in order to create a welcoming oasis!

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How to Style a Console Table

Use the Space Under the Console

Add Storage: Depending on the style of your console, a storage basket can be placed underneath to hold shoes, umbrellas or newspapers and the like.

Consider a stool: A gorgeous sculptural stool can be placed underneath a console to create balance and interest. It’s also a great place to put on and take off your shoes and means you have an extra seat should you ever require it for guests when entertaining. Another great option is a pair of matching upholstered ottomans to create symmetry and add some colour and softness.

Frame Your Console

A console can be flanked with an item each side of it such a set of beautiful matching occasional chairs (it’s a great way to store additional seating) or add a couple of tall plants either side in a funky pot such a Fiddle Leaf.

Console Styling Checklist:

  • Artwork or Mirror
  • Table Lamps
  • Vases / Pots for Flowers or Plants
  • Decorative Objects (displayed in group of 3)
  • Books
  • A Bowl or Box (to store keys etc.)
  • Basket or Stool (for underneath)

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