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Considerations Before You Sell Furniture

January 30, 2014
Considerations Before You Sell Furniture

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The psychology of sales applies to furniture as much as it does to homes, cars or any other object of desire. You're not just selling furniture; you're selling a dream. Before you place a 'For sale' advertisement for that couch, sofa or chair, spare a thought for the purchaser. How do you show them that that your furniture is exactly what they need to fill the space in their home or office (or heart!)?

Display the furniture in relationship to other pieces.

It can be hard for the buyer to imagine how furniture will look in a room when they see a piece in isolation. If photographing a piece of bed room furniture for a web advertisement, include a shot that positions a bed, dresser and chair together in the way you might expect to find them in a calm, welcoming bed room. Stage a living room, dining room or lounge room with sofa, chair, coffee table and cabinet, showing each piece to its best advantage. Displayed in this way, you're also increasing your chances of selling other items in the display, if that's your aim.

Be realistic.

If your furniture is at the budget end of the scale, it would be a mistake to try and dress it up to be something it isn't. By all means show the furniture off at its best, but don't pretend that laminate cabinet is solid wood. Price to sell - but don't undervalue. Keep your market in mind when pricing. Research the price point for your furniture by checking other vendor websites or stores. You'll need to find a balance between offering value for money and asking a price that reflects the value of the furniture.

Keep it clean.

If you're selling second hand furniture there's a chance it will have some wear and tear. For example, a rustic farm dining table from last century may be enhanced by some pits and scrapes, but most customers will want their dining room furniture to be at least wiped down and dusted. 'Authentic', 'original' and 'rustic' don't mean 'dirty'. Research old furniture. Before selling vintage or antique pieces, talk to an expert or do your research. A chair you've had for twenty years, in good condition, will be somebody else's 'retro' or 'vintage' - don't underestimate the value that could add to the sale!

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