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Considerations Before You Buy Furniture

January 30, 2014
Considerations Before You Buy Furniture

Loft Furniture

You might be buying furniture for a whole room. A couch or sofa, a chair or two, table and cabinet or dresser for a living room. Or a single item for a bed room or office. Regardless, the choices available can be overwhelming. Keep the following considerations in mind before you start looking or when you're faced with multiple choices and you'll find the process of buying furniture so much easier.

Who will use the space and furniture?

Whether in the home or office, furniture will to some extent be a reflection of the personality of the people who live or work there. Be clear about who those people are, and their defining qualities. Warm, welcoming and friendly, or businesslike, austere and functional -or some other variation, in between. With a clear picture of these characteristics, you'll find yourself naturally drawn to the furniture that's right for the space and the people who will use it.

New or second-hand?

In perfect condition, or pre-loved? Imagine a wonderful old dresser, stripped back and repainted to look like new. It could be a distinctive addition to your dining room. But the idea will only appeal to you if you like to get your hands dirty and a little bit of sawdust in your hair. Many shoppers would prefer a brand new piece of furniture. Before you get carried away with the idea of refurbishing a piece, be very certain that you have the skills and the time to tidy it up for the room you want to put it in.

How much space do you have?

Take the measurements of the room you're buying for and the space you have available for your furniture purchase. It can be very difficult to judge the size of a sofa or even a smaller piece when it's in a showroom or somebody else's home. We recommend mapping out the room on graph paper; include all the furniture you have or need on the grid and allow for walkways and open areas. This visual cue will help you stay on track when you're shopping.

Investment or purely functional?

Your budget will be a factor when selecting individual pieces of furniture, but you may also have an eye to the future. If you're purchasing as an investment, you'll look for workmanship - handcrafted or a particular type of wood, for example. Consider investment pieces for the bed room or other parts of your home where important family events take place, and make your furniture part of your home's memories.

Stay stylish by avoiding trends.

If you're in the market for furniture - regardless of your budget, the space or your investment intentions - we always recommend that you stay away from trends. Purchase with an eye for quality, and ensure your furniture fits the purpose you intend for it. Don't be a fashion victim. Know what you like and think about how it will feel to sit in that chair, lie in that bed or look in that cabinet a few years from now. You'll be glad you did.

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