Common Australian Kitchen Designs

January 30, 2014
Common Australian Kitchen Designs

There are several kitchen design layouts that are quite common in Australian designed homes. Before you start renovating your kitchen read up on these common kitchen designs to get some inspiration.

These include:

Straight Kitchens

Cooking, washing and storage zones that are housed in a single row of cabinets, usually against a wall.

Straight kitchen designs are ideal for: small homes with limited space, units or if you’re considering a basic kitchen layout.

Kitchen Straight Design

Galley Kitchens

A kitchen design that features a central walkway between two rows of cabinets. The work triangle is clearly apparent in this kitchen layout. Furthermore, a breakfast bar can also be easily accommodated on one row of cabinets.

Galley kitchen designs are ideal for: residences with limited space.

Kitchen Galley Design

U-Shaped Kitchens

A very flexible kitchen design solution. This kitchen area is arranged as the name suggests, comprising of cabinets on three sides of the room.

U-Shaped kitchen designs are ideal for: areas where space is not a constraint.

Kitchen U Shape

U-Shaped Variation Kitchens

This kitchen layout allows for variation and commonly incorporates elements of the traditional u-shaped kitchen along with a galley kitchen. A walkway is still integrated in the design and cabinetry is situated on all four sides.

U-Shaped variation kitchen designs are ideal for: areas where space is not a constraint and that extra storage is required.

Kitchen U Shape Variation

L-Shaped Kitchens

This kitchen design works well for an area that requires utilising the corner of the room. An island bench or dining room table can be easily accommodated in the space.

L-Shaped kitchen designs are ideal for: an area that has more room than the straight kitchen and galley kitchen allows.

Kitchen L Shape

Open Plan Kitchens

This kitchen design easily allows for a breakfast bar on two sides of the zone. The layout allows your kitchen to form part of a larger open plan design, by joining with another room such as the dining or lounge.

Open plan kitchen designs are ideal for: areas where space is not a constraint and you want to encourage an overall open plan living space.

Kitchen Open Plan

Kitchen Lighting

Whatever your kitchen design choice, kitchen lighting will play a major role in not only the ambience of your kitchen but how easy it is to work in your kitchen. Each kitchen work station will require adequate task lighting in order to perform the given kitchen duty.

By following these kitchen design principles, your kitchen really will come to life and have a heartbeat all of its own!

Kitchen Lighting