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How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

July 29, 2016
How To Decorate Your Coffee Table

Upon entering a space, it is important to create a focus or an area of interest to capture attention and highlight a room. The focal point in the room could be a unique sofa, a stunning piece of artwork, an extravagant armchair, or even a thoughtfully decorated coffee table.

The transformation of your coffee table into the focal point of the room can be achieved through adding decorative accents and accessories to your coffee table. The trick is to know how to best style them to create a visually balanced arrangement that compliments the rest of the elements within the room.

These little styling arrangements can be referred to as ‘vignettes’ and creating these little points of interest help to create an element of fun and strengthen the composition of an entire space. All great interior decorating begins with a vignette!

There a few factors to consider when planning your coffee table décor. Before selecting items address the following:

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table 2

Start by considering your needs –

Do you have any items you may like to store or conceal? If you always like to have direct access to your remote controls, its best to store them in a box or place them in a try so they look tidy.

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How to Decorate Your Coffee Table 3

Next, decide on a theme and select an overriding colour palette –

Look at the rest of the colours within your interior and identify what the main colours and accent colours are. Your vignette should combine both neutrals and a highlight colour from your interior for balance. You can also introduce a metallic finish such as brass, copper, bronze or silver to add another dimension to your coffee table.

Coloured Decorative Accents

Combine different textures –

Create visual interest blending materials such as wood, glass, metal. Combining objects with both matte finishes and shiny finishes will help to create a balance.

Metallic & Shiny Decor Accents

Introduce a little pattern -

Pattern doesn’t have to be overpowering, it can be subtle and elegant but works so well to create visual interest. Something as simple as decorative coasters could be all that you need to add a little pattern and also addresses your functional needs.

Decorative Coasters

Create an element of surprise -

Add an interesting object that is unexpected. Pieces that intrigue can be a great conversation starter. It’s great to have an object that someone may not mention but might pick up and play with and then put back down. This object can captivate and becomes interactive.

Surprise Elements

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table 5

Address shape and scale -

When selecting decorative objects, pay attention to the scale of them to ensure each item looks balanced - not cluttered. Create diversity with shapes. If you have a tray with books on a square or rectangular coffee table, adding a circular shape with help to create visual balance.

Try adding a bowl, a round ornament, a cylindrical vase or candle. It’s important to include an upright shape to create visual contrast from a flat shape such as a tray or book.

Decor Object Shapes

How to Decorate Your Coffee Table 6

Experiment with placement -

When placing objects small groupings of 3 always work best as they help to achieve balance. Placing 2 objects the same at a different height also works as it creates repetition which is restful to the eye.

Add Books with beautiful covers to flip through. When arranging coffee table books, hard cover books look best in a similar colour tone. Stack books largest to smallest on top or group in threes.

Coffee Table Books

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Last but not least, finish with florals -

Introducing a natural element is a must! Plants help to filter the air and flowers add a gorgeous splash of colour. No coffee table should be without a beautifully scented vase of flowers, a striking succulent or pretty pot plant to complete the look.

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