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VIP Christmas Soirée

December 02, 2015
VIP Christmas Soirée

Coco & Crème Christmas VIP Christmas Shopping Night In-Review.

Last week ushered in the first of this season pre-Christmas VIP events. House of Home had the pleasure of being invited to attend one our favourite store’s exclusive Christmas Shopping night, hosted by Port Melbourne’s very own boutique homewares and lifestyle store Coco & Crème Living.

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rsz 1vips fotor

A night of glamour and shopping, guests were greeted upon arrival by Coco & Crème Living’s beautiful staff. After passing through the door, guests were offered refreshments to cool off from Wednesday night’s intense heat. Each guest was handed a glass of Chandon Champagne or Capi Sparkling water, they were then informed of the various event privileges, which accompanies being a VIP, such as discounts on store wide range of products and door prizes.

rsz customer browsing

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Nibbles, provided by the culinary geniuses at French-style patisserie Noisette, were delightful in their presentation and flavour. Small bites of freshly prepared Atlantic salmon, champagne ham and vegetarian brioche mini burgers, as well as mini prosciutto baguettes delighted the savoury palettes whilst exquisitely prepared petit fours charmed those looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

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As socialites and Coco & Crème VIP’s rubbed shoulders and cooled off instore, the music enhanced the relaxed environment and VIP attendees were afforded private consultations by Coco & Crème Living staff about this season’s newest and chicest Christmas trends.

rsz spice temple cook book

Towards the end of the event, the festivities had neither turned down nor diminished in size. VIP Shoppers continued to peruse Coco & Crème Living’s range whilst delicate Macarons were handed to guests as they browsed. Coco & Crème Living friendly staff offered help to overwhelmed VIP’s by suggesting high calibre stocking fillers such as a Gellato Messina cook books, decadent silk flowers and serving platters made from Marble Basic.

rsz 1coco creme living christmas shopping night fotor

rsz dsc 2944

The atmosphere hit fever frenzy when VIPs soon realised that the line for the register had reached the shop’s front door. Luckily for those invited, part of the exclusivity of being a Coco & Crème Living VIP meant that most were able select their gifts and hand them to staff for pick up and payment after the event. Reminiscent of a bridle register, guest were then free to wander about the store delighting in the fact that they were no longer over laden with the products they wished to purchase.

mother and daughter Fotor

rsz coco vips shoppers fotor

rsz customer with gifts

We left feeling privileged and excited about the prospect of Christmas, our bags fully weighted with the hottest and most fashionable presents and ornaments for this year’s festivities.

For those who missed out being invited to this year’s Coco &Crème Living VIP Christmas event, you can let a sigh of relief, as the Coco & Crème Living staff has opened their registry for those who wish to be part of the exclusive events instore and online.

If you don’t want to miss out and would like to be part many more events, such as the Christmas VIP Shopping Night hosted by Coco & Crème Living, then we advise you to join their exclusive Club. Not only does the store host shopping nights, but also other events such as Book Signing, special shopping discounts, pre-season showing of the latest products and accessories and much more. If you would like to be part of the Coco & Crème Living VIP experience then click through on the link below.

Missed out on this years VIP Shopping Night? Shop the Coco & Crème Living's Christmas range online:

House of Home would like to thank the staff at Coco & Crème Living for inviting us to their exclusive event!