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Coco & Crème Living

November 24, 2015
Coco & Crème Living

As soon as you open the door and walk off the street into Coco & Crème Living you are instantly transported to homewares and lifestyle heaven!

If I could describe Coco & Crème Living in one paragraph it would be; your destination for finding style and adding colour to your life. A quaint store in Port Melbourne with a diverse range of lifestyle products including furniture, art, soft furnishings, and those items that we all forget add the finishing touches to our homes, pieces such as books, candles, personal jewellery and much much more!

rsz coco   creme christmas tree

“Our customers are fabulous! We have customers from all around Australia and we engage on social media on a global scale!” | Coco & Crème Living Staff.

rsz parrots 1 fotor

The shop is buzzing with activity, the Coco & Crème Living team busily unpacking delicate beautiful Christmas inspired decorations and ornaments, and one could almost see a comparison to the hurried elves in Santa’s workshop.

There is glitter in the air and a sense of excitement. The Coco & Crème Living staff assure me that Christmas is their busiest and favourite period of the year. Even Lexi the adorable one year old Moodle seems enthusiastic about the transformation happening in store. The range they are offering this year is a charming array of avant-garde Christmas decorations, the Coco & Crème Living Faux pine tree is literally festooned with a delightful mix of blush toned flowers and pale pink peacocks. Less traditional and more interesting this Christmas season is all about glamour and show stopping decorations.

rsz flamingo hammock 2 fotor

This year’s festive seasons looks to be about having as much fun as possible. The staff suggest keeping an eye for metallics, which they assure are still trending this late in the year. They also advise me that this years ‘Hot Ticket’ item for Christmas are their huge range of fun human sized pool & outdoor inflatables.

For those wanting to do more entertaining in the silly season Coco & Crème Living has everything you could possibly need to supply and style your party. The staff suggest using a lot of twinkling LED light strings and party lights to add a level of drama and sophistication to your tableware and accessories in a simple cost effective way. ‘It’s all about the presentation!’ The girls at Coco & Crème tell me.

rsz ice bucket landscape 1 fotor  1

One trend I literally can’t walk past in store is the amazing range of lifelike decorative tropical birds. It’s as if I’ve stepped into a festive paradise, with glitter cover parrots, waist height flamingos and peacocks which drape from every edge. I’ve been assured that they are friendly and create conversation points as Christmas tree decorations and as table decorations. I’m not sure how Lexi, the store mascot and brand representative thinks of them, but I have a feeling it might be something that she definitely approves of.

rsz christmas decor 2 fotor

The girls in store inform me that the paradise theme is going to be big this year, tropical colour palettes are making waves inspired by the Rio Olympic Games. Flamingos, whales, watermelons in form of pool inflatables will definitely be photobombing every beach and pool party this year.

I found myself getting caught up in the Christmas decorative ornaments at the front of the store that I almost forget about the vast homewares range further inside, luckily I had Lexi with me who guided me to the beautiful three seater sofa and armchair occupying the center of the store.

rsz 1basket flowers 1 fotor

It’s hard to imagine a store that covers all areas of your home. Home to products from table, beach towels, poolside entertainment, kitchen and dining ware as well as personal items like watches, gifts and cards. One thing is certain inside Coco & Crème Living, everything in store is about enjoying life and having fun.

rsz 1coco   creme dogs and beach towels

”At Coco & Crème Living we are all pet lovers and life wouldn’t be the same without our furry babies!” | Coco & Crème Living staff member.

rsz basket flowers 3 fotor

Lexi isn’t only an amazing sales representative, she’s also the Coco’s brand ambassador for Cloud7. A German based label offering stylish contemporary products and accessories for dogs and their owners. The Berlin Label is a new acquisition for the store, the high quality range is also ecofriendly for the social conscious pet owner. For the design lovers, Coco & Crème Living presents Neroko, a beautiful Finnish pet brand specialising in modern stylishly designed pet products. Don’t be fooled though, Coco & Crème Living isn’t biased to just dogs, they also offer a charming range of great accessories for cats of all kinds.

Coco & Crème Living truly is your complete homewares and lifestyle store. It’s no wonder store goers can spend hours browsing in store getting lost in their new arrivals and stocking up on old favourites. If the Christmas displays are anything to go by, Coco & Crème Living is serious about having a happy and fun home. Who wants to be serious anyway? We’d rather sit by the pool on our watermelon inflatable sipping from our Kate Spade sippercup any day of the week!

rsz table setting 2 fotor

rsz coco   creme dogs and beach towels

rsz coco   creme chanel fotor

Coco & Crème Living Store:

59 Bay Street,

Port Melbourne VIC 3207

Opening Hours

Monday to Wednesay: 10 am - 5 pm

Thursday to Friday: 10 am - 6 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm

House of Home would like to thank the Staff & Lexi at Coco & Crème Living for allowing us to get lost in their beautiful range of homewares.

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