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Coastal Boho Floral Styling Hacks 

December 06, 2017
Coastal Boho Floral Styling Hacks

At Christmas time it's important to use blooms that reflect our climate and relaxed lifestyle.

When it comes to styling your Christmas table, it's lovely to be able to bring everyone together around a gorgeous setting that not only captures the essence of Christmas but that also echoes the beauty of our Australian landscape.

Australian Native Wildflowers

That’s why Australian Native Wildflowers are the perfect choice for the festive season. With so many varieties to choose from, we sought the expert advice of Courtney from Daily Blooms to find out what her recommendations are for styling your home with wildflowers.

Coastal Boho & Christmas Floral Styling

With Coastal Boho being the most celebrated trend of summer, we asked which varieties will best complement this style, but also work well in every style of home.

Courtney and her team nailed the brief and came up with a stunning table centrepiece design that can be enjoyed throughout the day and that can also be repurposed as a departing gift for family and guests to take home in the evening.

What an awesome way to make the one’s you love feel extra special on Christmas Day!


Inspiration for your Christmas Floral Centrepiece

What You Will Need

The following wildflower varieties:

  • Banksia
  • Carnation
  • Hypericum
  • Joy Berry Foliage
  • Leucadendron
  • Peppercorn
  • Silver Suede
  • White Sock
  • A vase or vessel for the table arrangement
  • Secateurs
  • Floral foam such as Oasis
  • Jars for the gift posies (these don’t have to match)
  • Christmas charms or decorations (to tie around the jars)
  • Rope, string or ribbon
  • Scissors


How to create your Christmas table centrepiece.

Step 1:

Cut your Oasis to fit in your vase or vessel. For a table centre piece a how height vase is best.

Step 2:

Soak your Oasis in water until it’s completely saturated. While doing so commence custting your flowers.

Step 3:

Cut your flowers on an angle to the correct height for the vessel or jar that you are using. Keep in water until you are ready to place them.

Step 4:

Once your Oasis is ready, place it at the bottom of the vase. Using a floral foam is essential to keep the flowers in place.

Step 5:

Start by placing your foliage first, then add just a couple of each of the different varieties at a time to make sure you have enough space to include all of them.

Step 6:

Once you have added 2 of each variety, look for any gaps that you can further fill and add one more of each variety at a time or mix it up so there are even numbers.

Step 7:

Try not to place flowers all at the exact same height. It’s always looks better to have variation. The floral foam will allow you to adjust these but pulling the flowers up a little or pushing them down a little further.

Once you are done your arrangement should look something like this.



How to convert your table flower arrangement into a gift posy.

These jars will take about 10 minutes to make so max. You can start preparing them a little bit before you think your guests will be departing, or whenever you find a moment as they will keep well in the water.


Step 1:

Remove flowers from the table centrepiece and lay out in order of their variety.

This might seem a shame to break up at first but the posies will look just as beautiful and means that everyone gets to enjoy them.


Step 2:

The flowers may need to be cut down in size a little further to be the right height for the jars.

Step 3:

Fill jars a third of the way with water. As they will be travelling home in a car you don’t want them to be too full and spill.

Step 4: Start by adding the foliage first, then add the flowers.


Step 5:

Once you have filled your jars, tie a little Boho inspired looking Christmas decoration around the rim of the jar and you’re done.


Step 6:

Enjoy the surprised and appreciate look on your friends and families faces when you present them with their departing Christmas gift.


A huge thank you to Courtney of Daily Blooms for taking the time to share her awesome wildflower floral knowledge with us.

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Image Credits: Photography by Julia Chapman. Floral arrangements by