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A Coastal Boho Christmas 

December 05, 2017
A Coastal Boho Christmas

Waking up on Christmas morning is always such a treat!

The anticipation of the day ahead and spending time with our nearest and dearest brings so much happiness to a home. In my house, the festivities always kick off with a freshly brewed cup of coffee while preparing a magical but light breakfast that will provide sustenance for the gift unwrapping session ahead.

A formal lunch with all the trimmings is usually served late afternoon so having a nice but easy meal together in the morning allows us to really make the most of our whole day together. It’s also a nice way to casually ease into Christmas day before the hustle and bustle of the rest of the family arriving begins.

One of the nicest ways to bring everyone together is to venture outside before the heat of the day. Sitting down to a nice but casually set table, taking some time to share a bite and to appreciate each other before diving into the presents is a great way to start the day.

To help get your Christmas day off to the best start possible we have come up with a super easy to make light breakfast recipe, along with a super easy to style casual Christmas table setting. Both guaranteed to wow your family and leave you feeling very pleased with yourself.


Coastal Boho Styling

Let’s start with setting the scene for your morning family gathering. Keeping it casual means a stress free Christmas. Fortunately one of the biggest style trends of the season is Coastal Boho. This aesthetic is laid-back but fun and can be easily introduced to any home – both indoors and out.

Everyone loves that feeling of being by the beach. For this reason many head to the sea side for a quick dip and to relax on Christmas day. However, wouldn’t it be great if you could bring that casual coastal feeling to your home? Well the good news is you can and all it really involves is introducing few scatter cushions, a floor rug, a coffee table and some coastal boho inspired dinnerware.


Coastal Christmas Colour Schemes

Gone are the days of the traditional reds, greens, gold and silver colours schemes. Coastal Boho brings just enough colour to have fun without being over the top. A light, neutral palette can be punctuated by accents of brighter (yet still calm) shades of blues, aqua, blush, taupe and metallic highlights of rose gold or brass.

Coastal Boho Furniture & Lighting

Wicker and rattan and lighter woods such as oak, teak, limed washed or painted white furniture all work well in for a coastal boho setting. For our vignette we chose a beautiful hand carved whitewash coffee table made from recycled Teak from Bali Abundance.

When in comes to lighting, hurricane lamps and storm lanterns will create a beautiful outdoor ambience - even in the day time. We used the Naresh table lamp in white wash with flower-in-square etch from Sugar Cane Trading.


Coastal Boho Décor

When it comes to cushion fabrics, coastal Boho is all about adding textures with macramé, poms, weaves and knits. Anything chunky and tactile is a must. Patterns can vary and anything goes, however, ethnic motifs such as Moroccan or Aztec are a signature look of Coastal Boho.

Look for decor that comes from nature such as shells, star fish, white pebbles or items made from driftwood. The coastal boho style is about creating a relaxed and welcoming vibe so just remember to keep the colour palette softer in complementary tones if using a lot of pattern. Nothing to loud or intense - select colours that complement not clash.

For our casual dining setting, we chose to mix floor and throw cushions in varying sizes, patterns and textures to create a sense of softness and laid back comfort. Placing a rug below helps to frame the setting and link all the items together.


How to Style your Christmas Table

Colour and texture make a winning combo for a coastal boho table setting. Take colour inspiration from the sea-side with Capri Blue, Turquoise and Sand or Taupe coloured dinnerware. Our beautiful setting is part of the Ladellle Catalina, Cove and Tapas collections.

We added texture with a macramé table runner and a little touch of sparkle and shine with rose gold cutlery to highlight the setting. Brass is of course another lovely option.



Create a Gift Vignette

Spend the morning enjoying your Coastal Boho setting by adding to it. Create a seperate little area to open presents and bask in the warm sunshine while enjoying the sounds of nature. I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas!

We laid out a Roundie Rug from Collective Sol and placed our presents. We wrapped our gifts with macrame ribbons to reflect the coastal boho theme. If you would like to learn how to make this ribbons to add to your own gifts follow the links below.

You could add a few scatter cushions here too if you like and don't forget the snacks, because today is an eating day after all.



Christmas Breakfast Recipe

So now that you have the recipe for successfully styling a Coastal Boho table setting, it's time to introduce the main act;


Boho Berry Waffles

So incredibly quick and easy to make, our Boho Berry Waffles not only look and taste scrumptious, they are perfectly fitting for a coastal boho themed breakfast.




Hey voila! You now have everything you need to get your Christmas boho brunch ready.

If you would like to learn more about the Boho style or discover the best places to shop for Boho furniture and decor don't miss our articles below.

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We hope you found this article helpful. We would like to thank the following retailers and brands for providing us with the their gorgeous products for our shoot.

  • Bali Abundance
  • Collective Sol
  • Kas Australia
  • Ladelle
  • Lekkel & Co.
  • Pillow Talk *[Sugar Cane Trading
  • Yogini Diving Living Co.

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Image Credits: Photography by Jonathan Ho & Julia Chapman. | Furniture & Decor selections by Sarah Radhanauth | Styling by Sarah Radhanauth, Julia Chapman & Carlinea Williamson | Food Creation & Styling by Carlinea Williamson | Macrame Gift Wrapping by Bee Nguyen.