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Clocks For The Office 

February 25, 2014
Clocks For The Office

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Finding the right clocks for your office can be a lot of fun – there are so many choices out there! At the end of the day, none of us wants to be in clock-watching culture, but being on-top of time is important in most workplaces. So what are your options?

Traditional Clock Faces

Traditional clock faces tell the time with an hour and second hand. The face itself can be circular, square or you can opt for quirky designs that take the traditional or conservative out of this style of clock.

Digital Clocks

Unlike a traditional clock face, digital clocks basically just tell the time via numbers on a screen. Digital clocks can be set to tell the time as a 24-hour clock (so for example, 4pm would read 16:00), or as a 12-hour clock (in which instance, 4pm would probably read 4:00pm).

World-Time Clocks

Many offices require not only local time, but the time in other cities or indeed other countries. To do this, you might simply buy multiple clocks and set each of them for a different time zone, or you can opt for a single clock that tells the time in a variety of time zones.

Audible or Silent Clocks

Whilst some offices might call for quiet clocks that never make a noise, others might be quite happy to hear the background tick-tock of the second hands moving, or an audible chime on every hour. You can of course get clocks that chime on every quarter… But we have a feeling that might not be appropriate for most offices!

Free-standing or Wall Hanging

Depending on the style of your office, an old-school type ‘Big ben’ clock might go down a treat and look right at home. If your office has some generous space, then a free-standing clock could be a great way of filling some of this in a practical but attractive way. Alternatively, and more common, is a wall-hanging clock, that will simply affix to the wall via an appropriate hook or hanging system.

Individual Work Station Clocks

In addition to a ‘communal’ office clock, your work space might also require individual clocks. Here your options can range from everything from a wall-hanging clock, a desk clock, even an alarm-style clock.

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