City Living

September 03, 2014
City Living

For many of us, creativity is something that doesn't really come naturally. Many of us would struggle to design a Christmas card, let alone a piece of furniture. Not Andrzej Loza, to whom creativity comes as naturally as breathing does to us.

As a professional designer with over 30 years of global experience in interior and industrial design, Andrzej has worked on a variety of residential and commercial projects, with a strong focus on furniture and fitting designs. Andrzej studied at the prestigious Warsaw College of Theatre Arts, Historical Furniture, Stage Design & Construction in Poland. After graduating, Andrzej started his own firms in Poland and Belgium, specializing in furniture and interior design. In 1988, Andrzej moved to Melbourne where he founded City Living, which was initially named 'Loza Designs and Productions'.

Above: The Black Diamond table is pictured alongside the Cloud pendant lamp to create a contemporary-style interior. Designed as statement pieces, the Black Diamond is made with a range of beautiful materials and the Cloud lets of a warm, diffused light.

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Andrzejʼs family has had a huge influence on his life – He come from a family of architects, painters and artists. His life as a child growing up was full of paintings, drawing, books and beautiful old furniture.

Fast forward to today and you will find Andrzej and his wife, Magdalena, working hard at their showroom in Moorabbin. They specialize in custom designed and made furniture, whilst also offering interior design and decoration advice. City Living offers individual and original solutions to whatever the customer needs, whether this is a one off piece of furniture or a fit-out for the whole house. Andrzej and Magdalena pride themselves on creating interiors that reflects the needs and personality of the client.

Above: Bookshelves are made in stained American Oak. Benches and armchair are fully upholstered in leather, accompanied by timber side tables to create a perfect mood for this contemporary library.

City Living is a fusion of unique design service with local manufacturing. Andrzej creates timeless pieces that withstand changes in fashion and trends and are adaptable to any interiors. Both Andrzej and Magdalena are happy to share their professional knowledge and manufacturing processes with customers. In doing so, they can ensure that the end product is made to the client’s expectations, responds to his or her needs and suits their particular interior.

In their portfolio, City Living have numerous contemporary and traditional pieces. From the industrial-style LOFT collection that is made of a combination of different materials, to the ART DECO collection. This beautiful collection of elegant furniture is influenced by oriental art and classic furniture, where details of past styles are incorporated in the design of a new and original piece.

Above: This beautiful bathroom design was inspired by French Provincial style homes with a traditional interior and relaxed mood in mind. Mirror and vanity unit with Carrara marble top are made from Oak.

So who does Andrzej build pieces for? Those who love to be surrounded by beautiful objects, who desire originality in everyday life and the environment that surrounds them, and those for whom importance of practicality is inseparable from aesthetic features of products. City Living furniture can be described as sustainable luxury. Made to superior standards with timeless design lasts for generations.

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