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Splendid Christmas Table Styling Trends

November 29, 2016
Splendid Christmas Table Styling Trends

Christmas certainly is the season of entertaining; from dinner parties to cocktail making evenings, to Sunday brunches or lazy lunches, there’s a good chance you will be playing host to a few social gatherings this time of year.

This fabulously festive season provides the perfect opportunity to get creative with your tablescape styling skills and add that little dash of magic to really impress your guests. For a gathering to remember try adding some sparkle and shine to your table top.

This year’s festive trends are about fun and relaxed entertaining with a touch of elegance and glamour.

Splendid Christmas Table Styling Trends 3

Blending elements of brass, copper and silver together with softer pastel or chalky colours such as pale pinks and tangerines will create a subtle yet eye-catching theme. While adding natural stone accents such as marble bring an organic element to the table to help balance out the bling.

Creating a table setting with Christmas decorations such as glass baubles and fairy light wire will help to create a lovely ambience, as will tea light candles. Beautiful fresh-cut flowers are an absolute must to bring a delightful sent to the table.

You don't have to go overboard with decorations, simple 'pops' of glamour will establish the festive feel without being over-the-top. The trick is to create balance by layering shape, texture and height to form a visually interesting table top that looks calm and collected rather than cramped or cluttered.

Grouping items in sets three’s helps to create repetition and allows the eye to rest. We have added a collection of three glittery cylindrical cone accessories to create height and add interest, while straws in the champagne glasses also bring height and create a sense of fun! Allowing some breathing space on the table will help to lift everything and allow the dinnerware and servingware to really 'pop' and enliven the tablescape.

We headed instore to Co.Co (the newly re-branded Coco and Crème) store in Port Melbourne and were wowed by what we found. Get ready for a Christmas to remember with these gorgeous entertaining pieces.

Splendid Christmas Table Styling Trends 2