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Fresh & Easy Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Table

November 29, 2018
Fresh & Easy Ways To Decorate Your Christmas Table

Ditch the fake snow and put away the mistletoe, we've compiled 5 easy ways to style your christmas table without the clichés.

If you love getting into the Christmas spirit, but also feel sick if you see another red and green napkin, it’s time to change things up. Or maybe you’re ready to embrace Australia’s summer Christmas – after all, putting up fake snow seems a little odd when it’s 35 degrees outside. We’ve compiled some fresh and modern Christmas table styles that ooze festivity without the clichés.


Meet Me Under The Wattle | Australian Natives

Australian natives shouldn't be reserved just for Australia Day and rustic weddings, after all, Eucalyptus green and wattle red make the most luscious Christmas combo. Australia is blessed wth so much wonderful flora and fauna, it's a veritable buffet of Christmas inspiration when it comes to dressing your candle. All you need is a white table cloth and a wander into your garden or local park. Support local businesses by investing in some Australian-designed linen and crockery, and dress it up with foraged foliage or locally-bought blooms. Compliment the natural tones by added olive green napkins and hand-crafted plates. Aussies are so blessed with a gorgeous country that it only makes sense to celebrate it on Christmas. Plus, it's the simplest table styling you'll come across, which we think is pretty fair dinkum.



Dreaming of a Dark Christmas | Moody & Modern

There isn’t a skerrick of snow in Australia over Christmas (unless Victoria gets another global-warming induced cold snap), so as much as we love a white colour palette, we like the idea of doing away with the ski-fields. Have fun with black and sombre palettes which ooze sophistication and naughtiness. Make it interesting with metallic cutlery and florals in rich tones. Play around with grown up textures like leather, marble and slate. The best part? A dark tablecloth with hide all of those turkey jus and red wine stains. Hallelujah.



Merry and Blush | Rosé & Champagne Palettes

The ominous threats that the millenial pink trend would go away have, thankfully, proved to be unfounded. Blush pink is one of the most flattering and joyous colours, and we love adding it to table styling. After all, in the Australian heat it's very likely we'll be drinking as much rosé as red, and Aussies do love a champers. We love that this is a softer, more interesting take on the Christmas red, and goes fabulously with gold champagne accents. Up the sophistication with some dried berries or dark wooden serving utensils, but go wild on the gold. If you want to incorporate the traditional Christmas colour scheme, add in some olive green or eucalyptus. After all, this is the perfect Christmas table styling to go with your new rattan chairs and hand crafted table.



Feliz Navidad | Mediterranean Textures

Whilst we often think of nordic snowscapes and roasting chestnuts when it comes to Christmas, the tradition did after all form in the middle-eastern desert, and spread along the Mediterranean peninsula. If you're all for things being merry and bright, this is a great way to use blues, oranges and reds in your Christmas styling. Evoke the frankincense, myrhh and gold with rich patterns and brass cutlery. Use pomegranates, roses and sandalwood for florals. Your could even create a grazing board as your centerpiece, which will satiate guests before the main course and provide a bright and mediterranean style.



Noel Au Nature | Simple & Natural Settings

With all the pomp and splendour surrounding Christmas, our eyes sometimes need a visual break. We love the idea of a very simple table, tastefully laid out with hand crafted dinnerware, letting the artisanry and food speak for itself. This is the time to go wild for locally crafted crockery, serving dishes and cutlery. Plus, without all the fuss, you'll have plenty of room for food on the table! Delight in natural textures like stone and wood, and feel free to leave the table bare, or otherwise use a simple linen tablecloth. Use a decanter for your wine and dishes for your condiments. Simple, elegant, fuss free.


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