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Get Festive with Botanicals & Brass

December 12, 2016
Get Festive with Botanicals & Brass

Tired of the predictable red and green Christmas themes and looking for some gorgeous ideas to inspire your Christmas table top this year?

Look no further, 2016 / 2017 is bringing a striking mix of beautiful botanicals teamed with sparkling gold accents to brighten up your home. A colour combination that boasts a touch of luxe while still conveying a calm and casual feel.

When styling your table top there are 4 important factors to consider, here's how we created the beautiful table top above.

Select a Colour Sheme

When selecting a colour scheme for your table top it’s important to choose cohesive colours that co-ordinate and work well together. Green and gold are a winning combination!

We love the colour green as its lively, vibrant and restorative. It’s associated with renewal and growth, which is so fitting for this time of the year. The colour gold symbolises achievement, triumph and success and implies prestige without being too flashy. It's the perfect colour for new years resolutions and celebrations!

Mix Textures

Mixing natural and shiny textures creates visual interest and a sense of depth. The deep green colour of the Monstera leaves, Solomon Seals, Veronica's and Chincherinchee flowers work beautifully in contrast with gold and brass accents. The green brings a relaxed, natural feel while the metallic pops of gold and brass add warmth, sparkle and shine.

Add Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers breathe life into an interior and are a must for any festive table top. They help to purify the air and with green being the most restful colour to the eye, helps to create a beautiful, tranquil sanctuary.

Address Scale and Shape

When styling your table top remember to address shape and scale. Visual interest can be created with contrasting shapes. Also introduce objects that vary in height to bring visual weight to the vignette and help to create balance.

Getting Festive with Green Gold  and Brass  2

Highlight the seasonal spirit and create that magical Christmas feeling in your home with these key festive decor essentials below.

Get the Look

The House of Home team styled this beautiful table top with the help of Pillow Talk and Huset Design and Fowlers Flowers who supplied us with all of the gorgeous home décor, furniture, botanicals and blooms.