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Our Plan for Christmas Day

December 12, 2017
Our Plan for Christmas Day

Here’s my plan for Christmas

This Christmas I’ve decided I’m going to enjoy it. Sounds so obvious doesn’t it? But like everything in life – you get out what you put in. So this year I’m putting in a relaxed, happy approach with the hope that at the end of Christmas day that’s exactly what I’ll have got out of it – a lovely, relaxed, happy day with friends and family; a Christmas that we remember for all the right reasons.

So what’s my plan? Easy really.

Cook the food everyone loves

I’m most definitely not the cook in our clan, but somehow come big occasions like Christmas I get let loose in the kitchen. Scary really.

This year the menu includes everyone’s favourites (Christmassy or not!) so doughnuts and banana splits are both going to feature, but definitely, definitely Christmas Ham – yes because we all love eating it, but also because my daughter and I prepare it together – it's our Christmas morning thing, and traditions like that are to be treasured.

It’s a pretty simple recipe, if you’d like to try it you can find the recipe here. Plus some oysters to start, lots of fresh fruit, and some interesting salads (served of course with our gorgeous new brass salad servers). We are loving the salads featured in the cookbook Community, its a firm family favourite & a great cookbook that we've gifted to a few friends too.

Serve a Cocktail for starters

So I’ve got this crazy daydream that I wake up on Christmas morning to find that Santa has delivered a beautiful bar cart, fully stocked and styled with gorgeous accessories. The reality is that probably isn’t going to happen, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t plan for something special to drink on Christmas day.

I’m still tossing up between a French 75 or an Aperol Spritz. Both great choices and super festive, and the perfect way to kick off Christmas lunch. If you think Santa might be listening to your wish for a fully decked out bar cart, here’s a couple of suggestions, and some fitting accessories.

Write your own wishlist

Speaking of wish lists, it should go without saying the everyone deserves to feel special on Christmas day. So even if you are the designated present buyer in your house, that doesn’t mean that you should miss out come Christmas morning.

Make your own list, but definitely don’t buy your own presents. That doesn’t mean you can’t get proactive though – try going down to your favourite local store and picking out a few things that you’d love to receive and ask nicely for them to be popped aside.

Dispatch your loved ones to that store and let them pick a couple of items for you. You’ll be receiving things you really like, but there is still that element of surprise that we all love about Christmas morning. Alternatively, if online shopping works better – send through a few links of things you really like – there's still time to click & collect. Here’s a couple of things that I shared (not so subtly) that I’d love to receive.

Get Festive!

So when it comes to decorating, everyone does it differently – minimalist, fully co-ordinated, or home-made all options. This year I’m just going with what makes me happy – lots of colour, texture and beautiful dinnerware by way of a Coastal Boho theme.

We wish you a happy and merry Christmas – enjoy the day, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Relax, enjoy the people you are with, enjoy some great food and maybe sneak a nap in the afternoon. That’s most definitely our plan.

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Image Credit: Photographer Jonathan Ho. Styling by Sarah Radhanauth, Julia Chapman & Carlinea Williamson