Choose the perfect lounge

February 11, 2015
Choose the perfect lounge

As you begin your search you may be full of questions like: can I choose bold patterns when decorating a small space? How big is too big for my living area? How do I plan on designing my room for my new lounge? Buying the best size lounge for your space shouldn’t be tricky. In fact, once you see our tips and tricks, it should be downright easy to find the perfect lounge for you.

Measuring properly for a lounge that fits

When choosing the perfect lounge for your space, you need to measure like you’ve never measured before. You will become a master at it. Decide where you are going to put your lounge before you purchase it. Then, using your measuring tape, jot down the height, length, and depth of the space your new lounge will occupy. You may also find it useful to mark off this section of your room with painters tape to give a better idea of what the room will look like once you no longer have that space to work with. Make sure you are not overdoing the size of your lounge. You don’t want to be cramped in your own living room!

Bring your measurements to the store before purchase, and maybe even a drawing or photo of your living room. If you do bring a drawing, make sure you mark off where the doors and windows are, so that your new sofa won’t be in the way. When you find a lounge you like, you guessed it! Measure some more. It may be a bit of a pain, but getting the proper dimensions of your new lounge will make the process a whole lot easier. The only thing worse than lugging a heavy lounge out of a department store is having to lug it all the way back in when it doesn’t fit!


Lounges for Small Spaces

When choosing an appropriate lounge for your apartment, or small living room, stick to 2 seaters or couches smaller than 150-160cm in length, or 5-6 feet. Don’t think that just because your lounge will be small that it won’t be absolutely stylish. Smaller lounges are just as trendy and chic as their big brothers.Since you are working in a more compact space, you have more of an opportunity to play with bold colours and textures, making your lounge a fabulous focal piece.


Filling large spaces

Whether you’re a party person who loves to entertain, or you simply have a large space to fill, a lounge or “sectional” may be exactly what your room needs. These curve off in an “L” shape with plenty of sections for your guests to occupy. Some ends of the sofa come with matching ottomans, or footstools to make relaxing a breeze for your company. Large lounges are a lot of fun to decorate, since you have the options to use many different fabrics and colour patterns. You may also choose larger interesting pieces such as the Elegant Modular Suite corner lounge. This piece is bold and beautiful in design, perfect for feminine or modern spaces.